Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nice Little Outing

The wife brought home three new five week old Mini Rex does today to add to the little rabbit herd. We have been looking for more rabbits because we only have two we can show right now and it is not worth the trouble to spend the time and the money to go to these shows with only two show abled rabbits.
We have 10 rabbits in all now with one fixen to kid the day after Christmas. Once these little things and a couple of six week old ones we have make it to two pounds, then we will be able to show them.
They all should be ready in February for the local show.

For the family's Christmas present, the wife's aunt bought us all tickets to the Gaylord Texan's Charlie Brown Ice exhibit. I was not to sure about going to this one but ended up going and kinda liking it. There were way too many people for me but the wife and kids had a good time so that is all that matters.

They brought in a bunch of Chinese ice sculpture guys to do this. It was some really good work. They gave us all Parkas because it was 9 degrees in this place.

The exhibit had over 2 million pounds of ice in it. This pic on the left is five ice slides they let everyone slide down.

This was at the end and the best one. It is the Nativity Scene.

All and all it was a nice outing. We do not get a chance to all be together much anymore and that was what really made it nice.

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  1. Cute little minis! Hope they do good for you. Those ice sculptures are beautiful. That takes tallent.