Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Woman Crafting Stuff And Well You Know......

The wife has finally gone through all the books she got last week and picked out the ones she is keeping. The save pile was about half. That means thirty boxes of books were kept on the notion she is going to read them, one day.

Every wall in the sitting room is lined with book shelves. I told her we could not go buy any more shelves so she decided to rummage through my scrap wood pile and found an old ladder looking thing I have no idea why I kept in the first place.
And there you have it, a instant book shelf. I guess I kinda like it too. 

She is also being frugal and inventive at the same time by making her own lip balm. We all go through tons of Chapstick a year so this might just be the solution to it, and it's Strawberry flavored.

On another note, storms are suppose to be coming in Late Thursday afternoon and stay for a day or two. There might not be much work being done here because of it all. I'm just saying.
Y'all have a good night and I wanted to give the wife a big "You Go Girl"  


  1. You can always burn the books to keep warm post SHTF.

  2. Ms MDR needs to do a blog too ...or at least a guest post on yours about her lip balm!

    I like the shelf and you can't have too much reading material. Besides, books make great insulation. Pretty smart lining the living room walls with them!

    : )

  3. Your wife sounds awesome. I'd love to know how to make that lip balm, I have two daughters, a sister and two nieces (only my side) who would love to get such things from me.

    Anyway, gotta love books. I'm jealous!


  4. Your wife sounds like mine, though I must confess to being a book-wyrm:)

  5. Bravo for creativeness Mrs. MDR!!

  6. Rob - That is true in a worse case issue.

    HB - I will tell her you said that.
    I never really thought of the insulation thing. Plus, I guess they will stop a bullet as well.

    SFG - I might keep her. It has been 22 years now so the break in period is just about over.

    Lana - I will let her know y'all are wanting to get the recipe. I feel weird that I have Strawberry chapstick in my pocket but then I think of the cost and I smile.

    Odysseus - A book dragon? LOL
    I was only a DIY book guy myself until a friend of mine sent me some really good books and now I read all the time.

    Stephanie - I will tell her you said that, thanks.