Monday, February 27, 2012

Poor, Poor Boy

Everyone knows that BEB is my oldest daughter. I think I have mentioned it a time or two. She is nineteen fixin to turn twenty going on thirty.

BEB came up this weekend to celebrate my birthday and to show her younger sister (Wee) support at the show.  I think I mentioned this yesterday but after the show we went to my Mom and Dad's for a big family and friends birthday bash.

Here's where it gets funny. BEB has this boy that is sweet on her. Now this is not the first time this has happen and I have already ran a couple off in my day.
Being that she was in town, this boy wanted to meet me.
BEB came up to me at the party and asked if he could come over, with a smile I said yes.

I might have mentioned this before too but at 6'4", 275 pounds I am close to being the runt of the family. I have nephews and other family I call huge and if I call someone huge, you know they are huge.

I was having a good time, maybe too good of a time, when I felt the nudge from a family member.
He leaned in and said, "Hey, here he comes"

He walked up the drive and right into the barn. At this point I started to almost feel sorry for the boy because everyone started to gather in a circle around us. He could not have ran away even if he wanted to. I heard cat calls and whistles, someone even said how pretty his mouth was and many agreed.
A hush fell over the crowd when he walked up to me, stuck out his hand and introduced himself.

I said, "Boy, you must not be smart, you just walked right into a hornet's nest"

It all ended well, no blood shed. I did later find out he was really nervous when he pulled up. He told BEB, as he walked up, we just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I do it for her. It's her little test for a boy. If he can deal with the first meet and still hang around and not run for the hills then she will consider dating him. She calls it her "weeding out" process.
I always ask her to let me know how hard to be. If she does not like the guy I run him off, if she likes him we just have a talk, if I like him he can come back.

Oh the joys of fatherhood.     


  1. We already plan on my wife, son, and myself cleaning guns when our daughter starts having boys come over.

    Sounds like you've impressed upon BEB to be very careful and purposeful in the process of selecting a mate. Too few people have parents who even hint that this should be something done carefully and seriously.

    You are both choosing half of your children's genetics but half of the team of the most important people in their lives.

  2. Slow down there buddy. There is no mate choosing going on or anything about genetics. Not until she is done with collage. Nope, these boys are just friends.
    We also know there will never be a suitable boy in our eyes. They entertain the practice of dating but the buck stops there.
    Even BEB said it herself.
    "I don't want to be tied down during collage, I don't have time for all that nonsense"

  3. I had three sisters growing up, and I remember wee my Dad's version of the "weeding out" process!

    Dad was pretty big, and never said much...but no boy was allowed to date one of my sisters until they had met the family.

    You could always tell if Dad excepted the boy, because Dad would assign them a nickname after their first meeting. The nickname usually said it all!

  4. HJ - That is pretty good. I always rename them. One was named Nick and I renamed him Fred. I just didn't like the name Nick.

    Rob - Thanks for the comment buddy.

  5. You should have offered the poor kid a roll of toilet paper...he might have had need of it.

  6. Stephen - I personally would not have even stopped.

  7. When my daughter was 18 and talking about dating I jokingly told her, "When you bring a boy home I'm going to kick his a**. If he's man enough to come back and ask me to date you then I'll think about it." Now she tells this story to any of the boys who want to date her... it's funny the reactions she gets sometimes. One of the boys told her that it was a good plan before she introduced him to me.

  8. DR - I have not had to get physical with any yet. I almost did because he was a little punk and then his momma got involved.

  9. When my daughter was dating I had a boy come up and ask for her at the house. Whatever I said to him he turned and left never to be seen again.

  10. That's funny MDR, I have the same trouble with the girls my sons bring home, too bad ya'll are so far away, I would love for my boys to find nice country girls from nice families!
    And by the way, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a Blessed day!

  11. Thanks for the comment Shar. I have always told the girls not to date our friends boys because it ends bad. As always, their mom and dad do not like their boy to go through that and get all upset with me. We had one at church want to take her out and to this day they will not talk to me.

  12. MDR buddy - just wanted to stop in and wish you the very best of birthdays - Happy Birthday, my friend! you are the BIG 4-0 today and i am happy to tell you that 40 is the new 20 and that jambaloney and i are loving our 40's!!!

    we were talking last night about the different people that we have met on the internet and of course you were one of the first that we talked about. jambaloney had the greatest insight and gave you a tremendous compliment - he said something along the lines of - you were a young man, found a woman that you are still with after 20 years...well actually i think he said MDR's wife is still with him - he must be The Man!!! then he said something about - that poor guy has raised 4 girls and they actually seem to LOVE him!!! then he said something about how brave, smart and courageous your girls are (he knows about BEBs incident and poor Wee's pig)!!! and then he said - and he's only now just turning 40?!?!?!?! then he said - THAT man rocks!

    i could only just agree with everything he said. sometimes jambaloney has a real way with words. i love him for that.

    your friendship has meant the world to both of us. i wish i could come down there and give you a big birthday hug and kiss. can you ask Mrs. MDR to do it for me please?

    Happy, Happy Birthday buddy! your friend,

    1. pretty much what kymber just wrote - happy birthday big guy - give'r!!!

  13. That's real cool Kymber. Thank you for all that.
    As far as coming down here, Anytime.

    The feeling is mutual Jamb. Thanks buddy.

    SFG - Oh, you have a Jerry Springer family too?

  14. I'm taking notes for when my little one starts to have thoughts of boys...

  15. Just found your blog and had to laugh at this. My Hubby always seemed to cleaning a piece of hardware or shooting something when the boys popped in...he'd have "Them shift a target" ....most left educated and white faced

  16. King - Get ready, it starts around 14.

    Kat - Thanks for finding us. Hope you stick around.
    I told one I wanted to take them deer hunting but he had to wear the horns. He didn't get it until the daughter told him.
    Thanks for the comment.

  17. Now that's some funny stuff there!

  18. Thank you for the comment SCI. Yes it was fun.