Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazy Sunday Around The Mini Farm, Continued

 Some of the other animals at the Mini Farm got a little pissy with me during feeding time for not making the morning blog post. So I thought I would help them out and do a "continued" Lazy Sunday Post.

They all settled down when  I told them I was saving the best for last.

Y'all have a wonderful week and stay warm.


  1. Funny how they get that way :)

  2. bahahahah! i loved these last two posts...i love pics and animals so you get my drift! you have a great week too, buddy!

    your friend,

  3. Just love the pigs, would love to have some just for the fun of seeing them everyday. What happened to the pink piggies ear?

  4. They eat too much just to have them around for looks.
    As far as the ear, it was notched when it was born to show what littler it came from. When we raised them years ago we would tattoo and not notch.