Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've had nothing to say.
I skipped the last two days on writing a blog post because of just that reason. I am still getting on twice a day and reading everyone's posts but I haven't had nothing to add.
Just Living you might say.

We had a goat miscarry twin little girls this week and that was upsetting.  

Every night this week when I got home I've been working with the youngest girl on getting her rabbits and equipment ready for the show this weekend.
She planned on showing seven of her prize winning rabbits but of course four of them came down with the sniffles and will not be able to go. All this for three rabbits, yea.

The good thing is that she will still be showing her pig. The teacher of course has sheared all the expected winners and left the ones that she does not think will win to do ourselves. That my friends is the public school system at it's finest.

This show is a warm up for the big one next month. She will still win belt buckles and a little prize money from this show but next month is the youth fair and rodeo and that is where cream gets separated from the milk.

It has pretty much dried out here and the temps have been in the low eighties the last couple of days. The bathhouse water is scalding hot and I love it. The youngest is using it as much as I do now.      

That's all I got.

Oh, one more thing, I wanted to give myself something special for my 40th b-day and tried to book a weekend trip to Vegas being I have never been there. Yea, that worked out real good, not!


  1. Alright Grumpy. haha
    See ya tomorrow :)

  2. hey there redneck...dont feel bad...we all have weeks like that where nothing is doing and nothing to say about it either. we had a gorgeous day today in n.e. miss. 83 degrees with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine. still too wet for anything but ducks and boots though. got my first order of seed today-gosh! cant wait to get out there and play in the dirt. got my roof fixed yesterday, picked up the fuel i will need through the summer growing season. and delivered a quilt and other things i made to the store i have rented space in..i bet your daughter is excited to be competing with her rabbits and her pig...hope she does birthday is next month and i have already decided what i am getting as a gift to myself..getting a bycycle..i love riding bikes and this will be a big help in saving the fuel and rural neighbors will really be surprised when i roll up in their yards with new wheels and maybe a few goodies in the basket to nibble on while visiting and having a cup of coffee. take care, cheer up and enjoy that bathhouse!

  3. You are too funny.
    Please be safe. Call me when you leave.

  4. Anony - Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Good luck with it all. I don't understand the fuel for the growing season tho.

    1. tiller, tractor,hayfield, lawnmower, chainsaw, etc...they all take fuel and fuel is getting more expensive each day that passes. unless you want unwanted stuff to grow up to your armpits it has to be dealt with. and i loathe digging a garden by hand as well as being on the other side of a saw to take down a tree. last year i did an experiment and bought what i though would be enough fuel to take care of our farming needs for the spring and summer to come. did real well, saved some money and even gave five gallons to hubby to take to the golf course for his cart. the intention is to do the same thing this year and maybe be ahead of the game a little bit.

  5. Did you make it to Vegas? Show and tell....

  6. For not having anything to say, you said a mouth full. 40 I wish, 52 just around the corner so close I don't want to think about it.

  7. So sad about your goat. By the way I dont think I ever heard you say whether or not you milk your goats. Do you? Hope your daughter has a winning streak. Maybe some of it will rub off on you ;) Hope her bunnies get better and none of the rest get sick before the showing.

  8. Hope you have a great birthday, even though the trip didn't work out.

  9. I think we all go through those dry spells from time to time. Just doesn't seem important enough to bother with!

    Still, if I don't post something...I feel almost guilty!

    Bathhouse is looking pretty good!

  10. HJ - I feel the same. I feel like I am letting people down when I don't post.

  11. Hey MDR, if you ever do make it up Vegas way, let me know, we are 2hrs northeast from there, the wife offered to have you guys out to our ranch for dinner. Would love to pick your brain on redneck ways!

  12. Anony - I figured it was for all that but you never know.
    Thank you for the explanation.

  13. KingAJ - I am going to plan on it. When, I don't know yet.