Friday, February 10, 2012

Liquid Soap

It's that time again.

Last time I made a batch of powder laundry soap and it worked really well. It did not last as long as I wished it would have for the amount of product used, but never the less it worked.

This time I decided to go with a tried and true method that many of y'all already use. It is the Duggar's favorite soap recipe. It can be found at Duggar Liquid Laundry Soap
This recipe makes 10 gallons of soap and around 640 loads for a front load machine. I would have to make three powder batches to get that.
It took a total of 15 minutes to make.
This might be the one.


  1. Timely post-I was just considering making a batch of this myself. Where do you buy your washing soda and fels naptha?

  2. Carolyn - I get it at Ace Hardware. They are the only place I can find all three ingredients at a good price.

  3. We run our laundry drain on the yard. Is it ok for that? Sounds good.

    1. Fels-naptha will kill your grass quicker than anything.

  4. John - This soap is. This is better than most of the stuff you buy at the store.

  5. Our Walmart now carries all three ingredients and all are together on the bottom shelf at Walmart in the detergent aisle.

  6. Texan - I have asked several stores around here and they all said no. So I go to Ace and get it.

  7. some of the kroger stores are sellling the ingredients also. i can understand the duggar family having to make ten gallons at a time...but, i will stick to making the two to three gallon ounce for each load in a front loading machine goes a long way and does a great job.. if a person cannot find the fels naptha soap, then look for zote, or ivory...they work as well. the one year that i let my washing machine drain out into the flower beds i won the "best yard of the month" award and sign three months straight at millington naval air station memphis tn. had tomatoes in among the flowers too.

  8. I love my homemade liquid laundry soap:) I make it with Ivory bar soap, due to our eczema issues, and it works fabulous:)

  9. Anony - Our Kroger just has the Borax and not the other two.
    The ten gallons in in a concentrate of a five gallon bucket. When you refill an empty jug you put 1/2 soap liquid and 1/2 water. That is how it makes ten gallons. We do a lot of laundry here and I will need the bigger supply.
    Thank you for all the other info.

    Stephanie - I might try that next time if it is any cheaper.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  10. I have the ingredients right now. Getting ready to give it a try. Good to know that you can use ivory soap too. Hard to find Fels-Naptha.

  11. Mandy I have been dumping my wash for a while now and it is doing better than any place else.

    Good luck SFG. I have now found the liquid gels a little more than I would like it to.

  12. sometimes the liquid will gel more than you want...give it a real good shake before using...i reuse old detergent bottles that have a pump dispenser on them..and i have also used those huge dawn dish soap squeeze bottles too...they work pretty well. also, the laundry detergent works well for handwashing dishes-and gives your beverage glasses a really nice shine.