Friday, February 24, 2012


The night before the show and while shearing the pig, he gashed himself on the watering nipple.
We doused  the wound in some stuff to keep it from getting infected and tried to superglue it shut. The cut is in the back rump area and every time the pigs steps, it opens back up.

A nipple water is a device where the pig can suck on and fresh water comes out. It has a little guard around the bottom to keep it from getting knocked off and leak everywhere. When the pig was getting a hair cut he jumped and ran right along the nipple and it sliced him wide open.
A freak accident. I have never heard it happening before.

Now the pig cannot be showed.


  1. Ol' Murphy's Law strikes again. That is really a darn shame after all the work that was put into getting him all set to go! :-( And a nasty lookin' cut, too. Never knew those nipple waterers would cut like that but guess anything is possible when critters get to moving fast. Sorry about the bum luck, MDR. Hope the pig heals quickly.

  2. darn it all. sorry it happened keep an eye on the squealer. that's going to be a challenge to heal.

  3. Looks like it might need stitches to heal properly, though that might cause other problems.

  4. Dang that stinks. I agree with the others, it probably needs stitches.

  5. That's a shame, dangit. Agree with hobo, Murphy is at work again.

  6. Ack! I bet your daughter is really disappointed. Maybe it happened for a reason? That really is a kind of freak accident, and what a gash! Hope you don't have too much trouble keeping it safe from infection and getting it to heal. Maybe it's the beginning of a veterinary career for your daughter :)

  7. Darn shame, I'm sure sorry. Perhaps stitches...

  8. hobo - I have never seen anything of the sorts.
    I hope he is healed for the big show next month.

    TF - If it heals.

    Gorges - Can't do stitches in that spot. He would just rip it back open.

    coley - Doc says he can't do stitches in that spot. Said it was the worst possible spot.

    DFW - He stays on my back every step of the way.

    Kris - She is in tears over it. I can't think of any reason this would happen. She already wanted to be a vet but as it is right now she said she is tired of animals and fighting a loosing cause.

    Stephen - Every time the pigs steps it opens the cut again. Superglue did not hold and the vet said stitches would rip out and make it even worse.
    A bullet would be better.

    1. What about restricting its movement until the cut at least starts to heal? A small pen, or rig up something like they use to hold up horses that can't stand, maybe? Just a thought.

    2. Maybe something like duct tape to go over the wound after you superglue, or stitches, to keep the skin in place like butterfly bandages would? Duct tape? I don't know if vet wrap would work because it is a little flexible but maybe if stretched tight enough?

  9. That hog needs to go into the freezer and your sweet little girl will need you to get her a new piggy to start over with. Makes me even madder at her worthless teacher who should have helped her with this to start with like she did the others!

  10. OK, what's done is done. Now, how can you turn this to your advantage?
    My mother used to make a chain stitch after taking a couple of turns around the lower joint on both sides of the cut. This allows the stress to be placed on the "cuff" instead of the hide. You skip over the cut and tie on the opposite side so the stress is actually pulling the hide down into the cut area. and visa versa for the upper part.
    Does that make sense?
    Also, if push comes to shove, do you have a "stand-in"?

  11. whoa! that poor pig...and your daughter too...its alotta work getting an animal ready for competition. i hope that she does not give up though..tell her to persevere cause in the end it will pay off for her to never give up.

  12. Kris - Thanks for the thought.

    Shar - She has to wait till next year to get a new one.
    I have so much anger towards this teacher it is eating me up.

    hobo - The vet said to just wash it everyday and to squirt some type of antibacterial gel in it.

    YeOldFurt - That is a good idea but the vet said to just keep it clean.
    No, there is no stand in. You can only register one pig per class and we can only afford one pig at a time. I have my feeder pigs but they are not tagged for the shows and to old enough.

    Anony - She's not giving up on this year, but is questioning doing it next year.

  13. SFG - Show pigs don't taste good. I would need to feed it out with corn for about three weeks.

  14. Wow, sorry to see that this occurred. I was rooting for your daughter to win.

    The teacher is indeed a turd.

    That wound obviously needs to heal from the inside out.To long and deep to suture or staple, sadly.

    I have a skin stapler that I use on my cattle and horses for their rare lacerations. I get mine at the Farm/Feed Supply store for about $6.

    Amazon has them as well which use smaller staples. Might be handy to have around for either animal or human use as needed. We have a squeeze chute to keep animals in place as they absolutely figure out after the first staple, that they don't like them. Pig that large would be tough to staple more than once without a chute.

    Good luck with keeping it clean, gotta be a bear. I'd corn that sucker out and butcher it, if it was me.

    Hopefully the daughter will discover, from this sad chain of events, that setbacks occur and overcoming them is the path that leads to character.

  15. Anony - Thanks for the comment and the link. I hate to say it but she handles stress and problems better than I do.
    I get fighting mad and want to come out swinging, she tells me, "Dad it's okay, no big deal"

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