Monday, February 20, 2012

Wet And Muddy But Productive

Even though Sunday and even today is wet and muddy, we still managed to get some things taken care of.

 I got most of the gardens planted late yesterday afternoon and today. We started with the potatoes.

The moon was right to plant the taters between the 15th and the 20th of this month and we just made it All the rain has kept gardening to a minimum but I got tired of sitting around.
Along with the taters, in the raised beds we planted Lettuce, Cabbage, Peas, Carrots and a couple things I can't spell or pronounce. I don't know if I wan't to eat anything like that or not.

 The sun finally came out and I was able to get some pics of the Bathhouse with some of the added things.
I am not real happy with the names. Some of them turned out a little dark so I plan to redo them on yellow pine instead of old fence pickets. Maybe that will make them stand out a little better.


  1. Love the pictures, MDR ...good for you getting the garden planted. I'm just hoping to get ours weeded and prepped in the next two weeks!

    If you can't pronounce the veggies you planted, they're probably good for you!

    : )

  2. We can't even think of starting to plant here yet. We got almost no snow this winter, but because of that the ground is frozen hard. It will still be a while.

  3. Very nice! Thanks for the awesome signs.

  4. MDR buddy - i think that the signs are awesome! that's high cotton there, buddy!

    your friend,

  5. Stephanie - Last year about this time we still had snow on the ground but for whatever reason we have had a very tame winter. It has just been really wet.

    mmasse - Thank you

    Kymber - Thank you. I am going to redo them though. They are not the quality I like.

  6. Lovin that bath house. Thanks for the sign.

  7. If you re-do the signs, send me our old ones and I'll put them up in my shop -- I like them that much. Ya did good.

  8. That looks great! I got the potatoes planted late yesterday myself. I wanted to get them in before it was to late. Also got the onions, beets, and rutabagas in. It really helped to plant something that will grow.

    - Genevieve

  9. Yeoldfurt - Will Do

    G - Seeing green in the gardens always makes me smile.

  10. here in n.e. miss. our ground never did freeze this year and we are way too wet to even think of planting anything. i do have some seed coming through the mail this week and i know i will be itching to at least get some seed started indoors and on the back porch. went out today and bought up the gas/stabil that might get me through our summer growing season..i was afraid to wait much longer with costs going up fast. hopefully the rains will quit long enough to dry the fields up some and we wont suffer a late freeze/frost. everything is already quickly budding.

  11. Anony - I hope you get some dry weather to get the seeds in.
    The one good thing about the raised beds I use is they drain. It will stay wet but not muddy and I can still work the soil.

  12. This project of yours has been such an inspiration for us! We will have parts of our land that will be difficult to run electricity, plumbing, etc. to in the far corners, especially near our lake where facilities will be desired...we might have to get some advice from you as we start to build our own structure similar to yours. My husband has been studying all of these topics for a few years and is eager to put them into practice.

    Your creativity is astounding and well thought out...keep it up. Very nice!


  13. Lana - Thank you for your kind words, I am happy I can help. If you need anything or have any questions you can always email me.