Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Know I Shouldn't Tell This But......

I sit here, Sunday evening at about 7:00 reflecting the weekend in it entirety and this is what I came up with.

After we set everything up at the show yesterday morning we still had four hours before it even started so I decided to jump in the truck and run up to the next town to the gun show. I don't get a chance to go to many of them so I figured why not. After all, I would be back in time for the pig show.

I found a firearm I really wanted and have wanted for some time now.  Oh how my mouth watered while I held and stroked it. I set it down, walked away and came right back to it, several times.
I looked over at the wife, back at the weapon and back at the wife over and over.
"Your birthday is Tuesday, just get it" she said.

"Don't you tell me that!" I told her right back.

"You know dad, this would be an impulse buy you might regret tomorrow." The oldest, BEB, said to me. Yes she came up for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and to support Wee in the show. "Put it down, walk away and come back tomorrow if you still want it" she added. She is so smart.

A few more minutes with the gun and several attempts to justify it, I did put it down and walked away. I found the wife over at the stun guns and she was about to do the same thing I almost did. I walked out with every intention of being back today and bringing home my baby.
Today I am the proud owner of the money I would have spent. Yes, I miss holding it and I never got to even call her mine or run a round through her, but maybe some day.

Speaking of celebrating my birthday, remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned we were having a birthday party and that my sister decided to celebrate her wedding on that day, well she did.
All and all the barn party last night was a good time, but I would have never put that burden on my Mom and Dad. Even though she did most of the cooking, hosting a party that big is draining and after everyone goes home, the clean up is over the top.
I think the high light of the evening was when her beautiful $175.00 wedding cake was used in a food fight. Good times right there.
Boy she was fighting mad, but what did she expect, it was a birthday bash.       


  1. Cake fights....classic! So then were you involved in it? My hubby and I had a cake fight at our wedding. To this day I can not stand the smell of almond icing, you know after it get shoved up your nose it kind of kills it. By the way Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday MDR, sorry about not getting your new toy. I know how it feels. Congrats to Wee BTW, way to cowboy up and do what you gotta. LOL on the cake, goo times there until it all has to be cleaned up.

  3. coley - Thank you.
    No, I was one of the ones sitting back and laughing at the whole thing. I leave that to the younger folks.

    mmpaints - Thank you.
    Toys come and go, Maybe one day.
    The mess is why we have parties in the barn. The dogs can clean up after everyone is gone.

  4. I can feel your urge, buddy! Been there several times myself!

    Having the party in the barn sounds brilliant to me! Sure lots easier to clean up.

    Good for you in saving the money for another time, though.

  5. HJ - There was just too many people to have running around in the their house.
    When city folks bring their kids to the farm they just open the door and let them run. They pay no attention to what they are doing or tearing up.

    The problem with saving the money for a later time is that the money my not be there later.

    Thanks for the comment and stopping by.

  6. I'm just learning to "put it down and come back tomorrow." Sometimes it's hard. Good thing your smart girl was with ya. lol. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  7. SFG - Thank you.
    If it wasn't for her I would have regretted it for sure.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. $175 for cake? Next time, spend $20, make her a cake, and charge her $150. Yes, I really would do that. LOL

  9. Mandy - It was her money, not mine. That is probably why she got so mad. I would have done just what you said and bought a twenty dollar cake instead. See, I know my family and with a cheap cake it would have still been fun. Even though it was funner with a high dollar one.