Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drive On Wee

 Despite the injury to her pig the youngest girl, (wee) that's what we call her, went ahead and showed.

She already knew what the outcome would be before stepping into the ring, but she pushed on.

"I have came this far daddy, I'm not backing out now even if I have to carry him in there."

She showed with her head held high and was proud to receive her forth place ribbon.

Her three rabbits took First, Second, Third, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand.

Good job Wee, Drive on.


  1. Congrats! So after all is said and done is the pig going to be bacon in the freezer?

  2. We don't know yet coley. If the wound heals in the next 30 days then we will take him to the county youth show where he will be sold. If it does not heal then yes, he will be in the freezer.

  3. MDR, buddy, tell her how proud we all are of her for holding her head high and showing her work - that takes guts and courage and it seems that all of your girls have guts and courage in spades. what the heck do you feed those girls?!?!?!

    naw, i would say that all of them being such brave girls means that you and Mrs. MDR have done a superb job raising them! good job buddy!

    your friend,

  4. Your girls are a good reflection on you and the Mrs. You must be really proud and there is no better feeling.

  5. You just have to LOVE that positive attitude! Should serve her well in the future!

    I'm very proud of her, even though I don't really know her!

  6. You have amazing offspring. You and Mrs. MDR have raised wonderful young women. Such courage and strength!

    Please tell Wee that she is a strong young woman. Wonder what her teacher thought when she showed up and won 4th place?

  7. Kymber - Will do and yes they are amazing young ladies.
    Thank you for stopping by.

    sista - Thanks for the comment. We are very proud and show it every chance we get. I will tell you this, living with four strong willed women has been a challenge.

    HJ - Sometimes I wish I could be that positive. She thought it was so cool she had all four placed ribbons.
    Thank you.

    DFW - Thank you and I will tell her.
    The teacher acted like she wasn't even in the ring. The other pigs in the price range of about a thousand dollars each were a different story. She walked behind them and picked up their poo. It is just sickening the way she acts.

  8. wow! congrats to wee! she is well on her way to being a real role model for courage and perseverance.

  9. Anony - Thank you and I do agree. She will make a difference.