Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy Bee

I hate the fact I have not been posting everyday. I am not giving ya any excuses but I do hate that I cannot do it.

It all started Friday night when the wife called and said to hurry home because we need to go pick up a couple of new nannies. So straight from one truck to the next and we were on our way. We picked up these two very little nanny goats that are due to kid in two to three weeks for a really great price. Being so small I hope the do not have any problems during birth.
We ended up not getting home and in the house till after 11:00 PM. Man that makes for a long day.

The wife was also responsible for changing some of the plans for today. She happen to be at the feed store and they had one heck of a deal on fruit trees. So the wife decided to get two apple trees, a peach tree and a cherry tree.
We have been wanting to plant some fruit trees for a while now but knew this black dirt would only root bound them if we did not do it right. Buying the trees was not in the budget and has now taken the money allotted for the chicken runs. Yes, the trees were at a good price but we also had to get a load of good dirt to plant them in or it would all be for nothing.

With fuel being at such an outrageous price, a load of dirt as gone up $50.00 in just a few months. I needed about 5 of these loads but settled for just one 

 To keep the trees from getting root bound and never producing, I dug a hole for each tree that was 2 1/2 foot deep by 4 foot around and then filled it with good dirt and sprinkled in a little root stimulator and tree anti-shock for good measure. 
I can't tell you how much I appreciate my Dad for bringing the skid loader over so I did not have to hand dig all those holes. I can tell you this though, if I didn't have the backhoe the holes wouldn't have been that big that's for sure.   

 If not anything I can say we did everything we could to give theses little trees a fighting chance. I used the rest of the dirt in some low areas around the yard that held water when it rained.

The dirt from the holes was used to fill in under the gates and to redirect some of the run off water to keep it from being a river through the back yard.

Tomorrow I plan to get at least something done on the chicken runs. Yesterday the temp was right at 90 degrees and it caught some of us unprotected and now the wife is in pain from the sunburn she got. LOL
I know it is not funny but I tried to tell her.
The temp in the barn yesterday got so hot the chickens were panting so I really need to at least get the outside chicken runs put up. I have all the materials for them and I can also at least get the doors cut in the tin. I can always come back and build the doors later.  This will give the chickens some fresh air and they will be able to get out in the sun and breeze and then I can turn the fans off for now.


  1. 90 degrees! You can send a little of that up here to me. I would just like it to warm up enough to let my goslings out for an hour or two. I see your point for the chickens. Heat stress will make them stop laying as fast as cold. yikes!

  2. There is no shortage of projects on a rural homestead, and one projects always leads to another ...and another ...and another. It's a juggling act. But I think you're doin' a fine job.

    : )

  3. Thank yall for the comments.
    Sista, the one problem with the heat is the high electric bills. Tonight it is 93 in the house so I had to break down and turn on the AC. I sure didn't want too.
    WWRWH, IF the trees were not at such a good price I would still be treeless. I am thankful they are in the ground now and I can check one more thing off the list.