Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Smoking Gun

The wife and I pulled the trigger so to speak on the Mini Farm this weekend by posting everything a little to early. There is not much for sell now and the weekend has not even got here yet.
We still have some geese and several different kinds of day old chicks left but the big ticket items are already gone.
I am happy to have that problem!

The one big thing the we found out in all this is when your the one holding the smoking gun, make sure you did not shoot yourself in the foot.
Let me explain. Raising and selling the animals is great and there is a big market for just about as many as we can hatch, heck we even have a waiting list for some, but when you get in the moment there is a tendency to do some over selling. Over selling is just like shooting yourself in the foot because when you do that, then you end up with nothing to replace what you sold.
Needless to say, we just placed an order for a bunch of chicks. These chicks will replace and add to the breeding stock and whatever is left over will be sold. Plus, we had some people ask for specific breeds and we did not have them, now we will.  

 AND, the youngest girl sold off some of her rabbits and decided the profit margin was not as big as she was wanting so she ended up ordering a bunch of bobwhite quail.
I guess we are in the quail business again.
(It was part of the plan anyway)

Oh, before I go I wanted to say howdy to a couple of new members to the MDR family. Howdy!
If yall need anything just drop me a line and I will get back to ya as soon as I can.
Thanks for being a part of the Mini Farm and joining the Modern Day Redneck Family.