Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bottom Line

I remember back 100 years ago when I was in school and taking AG. I showed pigs and at that time there was only five or six of us that showed them. The rest of the class showed steers or horses and the AG teacher would spend all his time with them. We would have to find our own way to the shows and never got any help on anything we needed. The steer people would get the AG trailer and all the new equipment and were able to do whatever they wanted to whenever they wanted to.
I remember the teacher saying every year he was going to visit every one's projects but never being able to make it out to the pigs, rabbits or chickens. He would only visit just the steers and horses.
As I got older I realized it was about the money. The kids that showed steers and horses were always the ones who had a rich daddy. I guess it was the teachers job to take care of them the best.

The bottom line is, nothing has changed. Last weekend at the local show the teacher never came over to my daughter, heck the teacher did not even know she was there, but she sure spent all her time helping with the steers. She was even helping the kids in the ring.
This mishap with the County Youth Fair was both the teachers fault and the daughters. The daughter got the entry forms in but not the money and that is why she was not entered. The teacher made sure the steers and horses got the money in but failed to remind the daughter of hers. The daughter should have been more on top of it by asking, after all it was her project. If she was showing a steer or a horse, the teacher would have made sure she got the money in like she did with the others.

We stopped showing the pigs up here because you have to house them at the Ag barn and the teacher regulates the feeding. So far we have lost three pigs from the way she manages the animals. She would starve them and then they would not make weight or change feed and they would prolapse and we even had one die. I begged the teacher to stop what she was doing but what do I know, I am not a rich daddy.

Anyway that is the story. It may sound a little bitter but there it is. I take blame in all this as well. I should have asked more questions I guess.

It does not stop at just the AG barn either. In all the sports the kids play the coaches are all bought. They want to make sure the kids that have family money get special treatments no matter if they can play or not. It is sick I tell ya. It is had to blame the coaches because if they do not show favoritism then they will be out of a job the next year because these certain families control the school board, city council and all the little local clubs all over town. I tried to get in with them when I first moved up here but I was an outsider and not a lifer as they call themselves and they did not want any outside people in there little clicks.     


  1. so sad for your daughter! This happens all the time not just where you live. When I was in school it was all about the jocks and cheerleaders. They never could do wrong and they passed every class by just showing up. Bet they had trouble when they actually had to work for a living though and getting through college must have been terrible for them since they were from a little town and no one cared who their daddy was so I guess the rest of us losers made out better in the long run cause we know what it is like to have to actually work for what we wanted. MDR we can hold our heads up, heck with those stuck up richies...we have nothing to be ashamed of! Just goes to show you that we actually care about the animals we raise. Cant believe someone would let animals die. They seriously need to get a conscience...

  2. I have to say I can relate. After moving to this island from my little island I have suffered culture shock. My brother who moved here to be near me has experienced this too. He is involved in the arts. I in the general community and farmers markets and such. If you aren't from here you just aren't. I have found that to be true in the schools here too. The good side of that is the kids will learn better survival skills. The down side of that is the rich kids just learn to be the same old boy republicans that their parents are and grow up to make everyone else's lives miserable. Better to distance yourselves from it and depend on people you can trust and your own talents. Guess I sound a little bitter too but I am sick of it and can't wait for the kids to get settled in college so I can move back to a community that values the various talents that everyone brings to the table. No matter who they are.

  3. Thank yall for commenting on my rant and raving. I hate to see others having to go through the same thing but I guess it is everywhere.

  4. It is very sad,but true. This happens here too. As we say here, politics.