Saturday, April 9, 2011

RedNeck Style

Once a month it is can crushing day and the only way to do it is Redneck style. It's funner that way.

So the Tupperware party was good. The women folk all stayed in the house euing and awing at all the plastic dishes and the couple of men that had to go stayed outside with their head down looking at and kicking the grass.
But before all that excitement happen, we did get a lot accomplished.
Daylight could not get here fast enough for me this morning and when it poked it's little head up I was out the door.
First, all the animals needed my attention and then straight to the gardens. By that time, the rest of the family was up and moving around so I put them to work pulling weeds as well.
I did get the chicken runs completed and all the little doors cut in the side of the barn and now all the layers have a nice little yard they can stretch out in and do some sunnin.
Next came the yard work. I grabbed the weed eater and the middle girl grabbed the mower and we were done in no time. She thinks she outsmarted me by jumping on the mower and making me do the weed eating but I knew what she was doing.
Then it was off to the softball game where the oldest played her little heart out and then we rushed to the fabulous, high dollar, plastic bowl party.

NASCAR was in Ft. Worth tonight and nothing else but the race really mattered to me, but when the birthday girl who is turning 16 wanted me to take her and her friends to I-Hop for her birthday dinner, how could I say no. After all, it was cheaper than cooking all that food like I did last month for the youngest.

Tomorrows to-do-list is kinda up in the air right now because I got it done today. I think I will try and build a little catch pen for the mini goats. Right now I have to catch them by bribing them with feed. It works but it also is a pain. With the little catch pen I can separate the ones I am wanting to sell on sell day plus it can double as a area for the little petting zoo in the future. You don't have to say it, I know it's a good idea.

The menu for Sunday supper is Blacken Catfish on a bed of dirty rice covered with Crawfish Etouffee.


  1. Now thats the way to crush cans.....some friends of mine just throw them in the driveway and they get squished every time people go in and out by the vehicles.

  2. I wish our recycle place wanted the cans crushed ...they want them uncrushed. I don't know why. I have a serious 12-pack/week drinking habit coke, mind you ...generic even. But we give all our cans to our elderly neighbor who hauls them to the recycle once a year. We are accumulating a good sized pile of steel and other metal to haul to the recycle ourselves though. The money will be earmarked for the 'redneck parking pad' we're building for the horse trailer. When we build it, I'll explain what that is, complete with pictures.

    Glad you got everything done on yesterday's list, Redneck you can relax today!

    : )