Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crystal Ball

Apparently predicting the future is not a gift of mine. I can assume the future but you know what they say about /ass/u/me/.
The baby goats are not on the ground like I predicted and the baby geese are not following their momma right now like I said they would be. Everything is still the way we left it last week, "Any minute now".
We got antsy and candled the geese eggs that are under one of the mommas and found that most were not good. The ones that candled dark might just be rotten and throwing me mixed signals. I don't know, we will have to wait and see. I plan to give them a couple of more days until I let the poor momma goose off the nest. The other two geese are still sitting and we will candle them in a week or so.

As far as the goats, count me clueless. The tried and true method of checking them did not work this time. So when they drop, they drop. We are ready for them anyhow.

Last night was the first harvest from the lettuce garden and there ain't nothing like a fresh picked salad on the dinner plate. We should have enough lettuce in the gardens to last up till the heat of the summer but there I go again and predicting the future. She also made a home made apple pie.

Here is a lesson, I messed up on the sweet potatoes. I grew the shoots just like they said to do from a piece of potato in a jar of water and when the shoots got six inches or so long, I snapped them off and planted them. They are not doing to good right now because I did not read further down the page when they told me to snap the shoots off and put those in a jar of water until they develop little roots of their own, then plant. I skipped that step so now I might have to wait till next year to have sweet potatoes.

The wife just put another six or so dozen eggs in my Dads incubator and our incubators should be hatching pretty soon but there I go again.

We had the Chicken Inspector from the Ag Extension Office come out today to inspect all the chickens and give us a certificate so we can keep selling our now certified healthy birds. We have to get this done once a year.

Tonight is senior night for the oldest girl and it is also the night I have to dress up and look purty for all the city folks so they wont think I am even more WT than they already do. No really, the only reason is because I want the girl to be proud, I could care less what them other people think.     


  1. Okay while we don't have ripe tomatoes yet, Ah HA! we did harvest our first salad to have with our supper of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, fried sweet potato wedges, gravy, and whole wheat rolls!*wink*

    Have fun tonight an make that girl of yours proud, I agree I could care less what others think, but want my family to be proud of me :o)

  2. Those salad greens look great, Redneck ...nothing like fresh from the garden no matter what the veggie! The pie is pretty enough for a cookbook too. I bet it didn't last long once the first slice was out!

    A crystal ball sounds nice when we want to plan ahead. But think of all the 'potholes' and 'speedbumps' you've experienced so far in life. Some of them would have been unavoidable even if you had seen them coming in your crystal ball. Imagine the PRE-stress you would have experienced knowing ahead of time those things were going to happen and that you couldn't avoid them. No, I think the good Lord was wise in making us take it all one day at a time.

    : )

  3. A dark egg is an egg full of baby. Don't give up on them quite yet. How about a picture of your geese?
    And not to wish you anything bad but misery loves company on the sweet potatoes. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has to wait til next year.
    I'll take those yummy greens you have though. Good job.