Sunday, April 24, 2011

What A Weekend!

This weekend was filled with all kinds of ups and downs. Let me break it down for ya.

Saturday started off with a what we thought was going to be a quick run to the monthly auction for some much needed junk at low prices but ended up not getting half of what we wanted due to people running the bids up. I even looked at one guy who I stuck with a high bid and told him he was an idiot for running me up because he could have bought the stupid thing new at the store for less money.
I guess pride gets in the way at the auction and people loose their heads.
I was able to get a much needed concrete mixer that I have been wanting for a while now and after some minor modifications, it is now able to be pulled behind my little tractor. I also picked up some small odds and ends adding to the clutter and the wife ended up with some nice, big concrete planters.

We hoped we would be out of there at noon, so when two o'clock rolled around I said to heck with the rest of it and we were out the door.

Finally arriving home, we were met with some people buying chickens and the youngest covered in stain from head to toe. She thought it would be nice to stain some of the fence but ended up getting more on her than the fence. I guess it's the thought that counts.

 Saturday night was a ruff one as far as the weather goes. We had one heck of a storm blow through and even though the Mini Farm was spared, some other neighbors were not so lucky.

One the right of this pic is what is left of a barn. Most of it is laying in the ditch and the rest is scattered through the fields.

This barn is just to the East of the one above and you can barley make it out but the whole end of it is missing.
 This is my Dads tractor barn. The straight line winds took off the middle section of roof and strung it all over his place barley missing the trucks.

It could have been worse, barns can always be rebuilt. 

 Despite the ruff and rowdy night, this weekend ended with the normal Easter cook out over at our friends D&R. Pretty much my whole family was there and my buddy and his wife put on one heck of a shindig.

 The big kids made up their own game and played egg baseball.

 That's it, nothing fancy just living in the country. I hope everyone's Easter was great and I hope your week is even better.


  1. I'm glad your mini farm wasn't damaged. We had some ruff weather here in Ky also.

  2. Could have been worse. Glad you all are all right and were still able to have a good Easter.

  3. Thank yall for the comments. I hope everything rode out the storms SFG and thanks sista, we did have a good one and yes it could have been.