Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Rut

It is back to the same old rut again. Work, home, work, home and throw eat and sleep in there somewhere and that is my rut.

Sunday evening the middle girl and I were talking and she was reliving the day with all the people that were here and how much fun she had.
She told me that she would love to be the secretary and wear an old bankers outfit on those days making her the last stop for the customers. She then went on to describe in detail that I should build a general store where we could put all our canned goods, hot sauces and pickled veggies in along with the t-shirts, candles and soaps. I could see the little gears turning in her head when she described the refrigerators full of goats milk, fresh eggs, processed chickens and quail and "oh daddy don't forget the farm raised catfish". She even told me it would be good if I put all the garden's vegetables in bins so when people came they could also have a choice to buy those as well.
The wife chirped in by saying we could do a mass sell once a month so more people would show up and she would like to put in some of her quilts, crafts and start raising starter plant to sell as well.
The youngest girl joined the discussion by wanting to set up a petting zoo and charging a small amount for the city folks to pet a goat or have a chicken ride on their shoulders.
I sat and listened to them as they talked on and on and coming up with more ideas on how we could make money at the Mini Farm.
Without them noticing, I slowly wiped a tear from my eye. LOL

Silly girls, where do they come up with these ideas anyway.         


  1. Like father, like daughters(and wife).

  2. Don't ya just LOVE family brainstorming sessions? We have them all the time, it always means more work, but it's also something to keep us inspired.

    Our CSA garden is sold out and I have a waiting list, if we should have extra produce avaliable :o) Now to get the turkey hens to setting on the eggs they've laid and then hatch a good clutch, for "Holiday birds" and we actually have a couple people looking to buy to start their own flocks. YAY!!!!

    Blessings to you all,

  3. Its always awesome when the family is on board. Sounds like, since you have customers already, it shouldn't take more than a few months to get things going descent. Word will get out and those once a month sells would do good. Just have to monitor the vege's well so none look bad when customers come out. Are you raising catfish or thinking about it? I have heard Tilapia are easy to raise too. Aquaponics could improve yields in a greenhouse but its costly to start up.


  4. Thank yall for commenting.
    SFG & Kelle, The problem with the brainstorming sessions are that they bring more work on me. It is the way I want it and would not have it any other way.
    I should only hope I can get a CSA started here. It will take some time to build up to that point though.
    JTTS, The veggies are the only problem I have thought of. I could only sell what is picked that week and if my gardens are not big enough then there will not to much to chose from. I am still working on that one.
    I am putting on Catfish this year. I have a special blend of food I will be tring out and feeding so I can market a fish that does not taste so fishy. I know that sounds funny but if this works then I will be the bomb.
    I have tested the market up here and have not found many people that would buy Tilapia.
    One of the plans is to offer the customers a chance to catch there own fish right out of the metal tank in the barn. How fun would that be for the little kids?