Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Older

The one good thing about getting older is that now I can hide my own Easter eggs and never remember where I put them.

The senior sports event we went to for the oldest girl went off like a hitch. I set the stage on what to wear and also made a lot of ol' boys mad because now they have to wear a suit when they go. They can't let some old redneck show them up, how would they ever be accepted again. LOL

I did not enjoy being dressed up but I did enjoy the smile on the face of the girl and how she stood there with pride.

Let me tell you something that is just fantastic. We had another tray of eggs hatch from my Dad's incubator two days ago and this one ended up being a 96% hatch rate. That is the best I ever had. If the little foam ones with the new fan attachments don't do at least half that then they might end up in the trash. We will find out on the 25th or so.

We had a lady come by yesterday and get every Mini Chicken Chick we had. After she paid the wife she said with a giggle that we were selling them to cheap. She just bought some from another guy at $10.00 for a day old chick and we sold them at $5.00. I think $10.00 is a little to steep and I know I would not pay that for them so from that conversation we upped the price to $7.00 a chick. Even at $5.00 we made out pretty good and the wife told me later she had a hard time not to giggle back at the lady about how she was the one, not us that got ripped off at that price.

On another note, I have been studying on Aquaponics. I plan to get the fish farm up and going in the very near future and while doing more reading on backyard fish farming, I stumbled on how to grow food from using the fish water. I have never really thought of it but it looks like it would be something fun.
Like I said, I am still learning about it but have already got the system designed and thought out. It should be cheep enough to do using recycled products but the one problem I see is that I will have to run grow lights because the fish will be in the big barn where they can stay cool. I do not want to pipe the water all the way outside and then back in plus I would have to build another fence so the goats wont eat everything.
There are some things about the process I still do not understand yet but it should not take to long to get it all figured out.

 I think at least one of the momma geese are done with a 0% hatch rate. Two others are still setting but this one has been on the nest for 30 days now and still nothing. The momma goose cracked one today and with further inspection there was never a chick started, it was just rotten. I am beginning to wonder if the Gander is even fertile and the others are just wasting their time. 


  1. The geese are beautiful. Thanks for the picture. Wish you had gotten some babies though. I am really enjoying raising my Sebastapol goslings. They are full of personality.

    It's always great to get good feedback from the kids. Maybe you should where a suit all the time.:)

  2. Easy there sista, there is no reason to talk that way. The suit is only for very special occasions. lol

  3. Just wondering what type of grow lights you are going with to grow the fish food?

  4. Josh, I will use the grow lights just for the veggies because they will be in the barn and not outside. The water from the fish will be used to flood the veggie bin every 12 min or so. The fish food is just a mixture of different things I came up with ground and mixed together then dried and later crumbled into small chunks and fed to the fish.
    The grow light will be the 4' long shop light kind that will hang from the roof and will be able to be raised as the plants grow.
    I hope this helped.