Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here We Go

The Mini Farm is open this weekend with many many little things to sell.
Being rained out for the past two days I have been getting everything ready for this weekend. I just posted several adds on Craig's list for Chicks, Chickens, Geese and Rabbits. Calls are already coming in and I am excited about it. I just wished it was not so muddy around here but I will take the good with the bad, we needed the rain.

Update on the setting Geese. I got antsy and have been wondering if the Male goose was fertile anyway because the eggs that got cracked did not have any birds in them. Well yesterday I stole an egg because I was going to throw them out and when I cracked it open it did have a baby in it. My heart just sunk but I had to know.
What do they say, sometimes human interaction is the worst thing to an animal, in this case it was.

More and more babies are hatching out in the little foam incubators with the fans making the hatch rate even better. I think I might keep them now.

After the rain stopped and the sun came out I swear I could see the grass growing. I just mowed last weekend and I need to do it again as soon as it dries up. I am even going to have to mow the back part because the little goats are not keeping up with it like I thought they could. I told the wife this morning that we need at least 20 more of them little things to keep the grass down. She just looked at me and while looking back at her I found myself having the time to wonder what was going through her head when she had that blank look straight at me. I didn't ask and maybe I don't even want to know.     

If you have not heard this song and watched the video you should. It kinda sums it all up.


  1. Hey Redneck a quick high five and a good luck wish for your mini sale.. be sure to let us know how well you did-- got me some ideas going on too... good luck again..---Glo

  2. Thanks for the high five and the good luck. It is working. Let me know what those ideas are.
    Thank for the comment glo.

  3. I can bet that you really might not want to know what was going on in her head....LOL