Monday, April 25, 2011

Not To Far Off

I was not right on it but I was not to far off it either on the little goats having their babies, just a couple of weeks or so. One had a little doe and a little buck yesterday between storms and the other nanny should have hers tonight or tomorrow night.

This is one of the little nanny's we got a month or so back that I was worried about because she was bred way to early. No problems so far (knock on wood) and it looks like she is going to be a great little momma.
One more to go and I hope it goes just as smooth for her.

The wife was wanting small and I think she got it. These babies measure only seven inches high right now. They can almost walk through 2" turkey wire.  

Two of the little foam incubators with the new fan attachments we installed a month ago started hatching yesterday. Right now, 20 out of 80 eggs have hatched with two more days left before we pull the plug. So far a 40% hatch rate is better than what I was getting without the fans, so maybe the small investment was worth it.

The storms here have been really bad the past few days. We just got pelted with quarter size hale and now I am fixen to go check out the gardens in hopes I still have some plants standing.


  1. Oh the babies are sooo cute! And 7 inches wow that's small. Hope you didnt lose any plants. Keep us updated...

  2. The weather is just plain weird this year so hope the garden survives. I've just resorted to planting everything inside this year until the weather decides to behave.

    Baby goats are the cutest!