Friday, April 8, 2011

OH Man

You know when you do something and then you find out it was wrong and all you can say is "Oh man". That happened today while I was at work checking the blog and had a comment on a great blog I needed to check out and read. So without checking I clicked over to and left a comment thanking them for checking out my blog and told them I am now a follower. I then checked the profile of the reader who left the comment and found it was not her blog she was promoting after all. I bet that will leave them scratching their heads when they realize they have never heard of MDR. LOL A rookie mistake right, but it still makes you call yourself a dummy.

This weekend is packed full of stuff to do. Last night at the dinner table we had our weekend scheduling meeting with everyone and found out I have a lot of running around to do. I was trying to fit in what I needed to get done through all the "I need this" and the "I need that" but was only able to mumble under my breath what I had planned.

I have another birthday gathering for the middle girl Saturday afternoon who is turning 16. Plus Softball games during the early afternoon. Throw in a Tupperware party sometime right after the game and that leaves me doing nothing but running people around.
Oh don't get the wrong idea, I have told the wife over and over I am not going to no Tupperware party. I will tell you how that turns out later. If I did go then this is how it would be, the women folk would all be in the house having a great time while all the husbands would be outside with their heads down kicking the grass until it was over. Not me, I ain't gunna do it, I have better things to do.

Sunday looks promising. I still need to plant the blueberry, blackberry and raspberry vines and the wife got this week. I thought that maybe they would just get in the ground on their own but was sadly mistaken. So sometime this weekend I need to do that as well.
Last night I harvested about a five gallon bucket of worm castings to use for our new vines to give them a good start so we will see if it makes any difference.

The wife also bought me a new drill so I can finish her chicken runs. I burnt up a good Dewalt last weekend and used it for an excuse not to finish but she found a way around that little problem. She is smart that way I guess.
Aww, that's how I can get out of the Tupperware party. I can say if she wants the chicken runs done then I will have to skip the girl party. I will tell her, oh how I just hate to miss that party with you all them women, but the chickens come first ya know.


  1. Can't wait to hear how the Tupperware Party went, Redneck! LOL

  2. Are you and the wife in cahoots or something? I think it is a plot against all husbands. I am 6'4" and 280lbs but that little 5'4" woman can make me do stuff not any other person can.