Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Living

Spring break is over and the girls go back to school tomorrow. This list that the youngest made to get accomplished this week was barely even scratched. I think they got halfway through the first item. I can't blame them though. The weather was great and I didn't help by coming up with other fun stuff to do.

The youngest spent a couple of days over at papaw's this week and the middle girl spent some time with friends and at Six Flags.  Awl heck, even the kids need some time off I guess.

Yesterday was the first day I got to spend with all my girls at the same time so we decided to spend the morning trying our luck down at the creek.
The fish were biting a little to slow for us so after a couple hours we decided to reel it in.

Then we spent few hours out driving the countryside Geocaching.
I got some people that make fun of me for doing this because they think it is stupid, but I tell you this, Geocaching has taken me to places in my own home town that I never knew were there. We as a family enjoy it. The stuff you see is just amazing. 

 While we were out I got a chance to check out some new fishing holes.  I never leave home without the poles anymore. This place here will make a good secluded swimming area this summer but it is to shallow and clear for my kind of fishing.

To finish the day off, we spent till dark over at papaw's pond jigging minnows for Crappie.

What little work I did get done was goat proofing the garden. Now I can let the goats out in the back yard so I do not have to mow as much this summer. Plus, until I can get their big pasture fenced off this will give them a little more grazing room and cut down on the grain. 

This morning was spent back down at the creek with just me and the wife jigging the creek banks until we just had enough.
I am tired and I have not done any work to speak of yet this weekend.


  1. living the free life is what it is all about being able to make the choice to work or take the time to have fun with your family they need the time with you as well have a safe week

  2. Thank you Anonymous. Believe me though, I feel guilty when I ain't working. There is so much to be done. I think I put more pressure on myself than anyboby else.
    Thanks for the comment.