Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Dirt Road

Just about every post I read on my blog roll one way or the other talks about surviving in today's times. I have read some that are rightly worried about where this country is going and many others are sure we are living in the end times.
That conversation does not stop at just the blogs we all write on a daily bases. That kind of talk has also spilled over into our everyday lives effecting our every move. Coffee shops all over America are full of worried men that do not know if the fixed income they were promised for so many years will be there tomorrow. The small town sewing clubs talk in disgust about where our nation's leaders are steering this great country. At the water coolers at our jobs the conversations have changed from the latest inner office gossip to the ever growing concern if the Chinese will own us in the near future. Even our birthday parties have turned from a fun filled event to a doom and gloom downer reminding us this is all going to end very soon.
What makes us so obsessed with what is wrong and not on what we can do about it? Is the level of all the problems only a matter of what party we vote for or follow? I asked a Liberal what he thought was wrong with this country the other day and he said we did not get Obama in fast enough. In his mind the country was doomed until just recently and will be doomed again if we do not vote him back in. His preference is to let the government tell him what he can and can't do and for his elected to take care of him in every way no matter what the cost. How can we fight that type of mentality? We can't change their minds, we can't show them proof and we cannot reason with them because they are right. Yes in their minds they are right. So if they are right, and we are right then who is wrong?
The one thing I have read and heard the most is the statement that what is done is done and this has been building for a while now. Some do not want to point fingers on how we ended up like this and others really don't care as long as it gets fixed.
I have only read or heard very few explanations on why we the people let all this happen or how it even got started. Some blame the Zionist Jews and their master plan to take over the world and others just blame themselves for not voting the right way.
In all my Redneckism ways I have chosen to blame progress. The "Hurry, Hurry" and "I want it now" attitudes we as a Western civilization come to know has destroyed this country. It is nobodies fault but our own.

The first mistake we did was pave the dirt roads. We all have memories of an old dirt road and what it meant to us. People drove slower and had a friendly waved as they passed by. It is where we had our first bike wrecks and most of us walked our first girlfriend home on it. The dirt roads where I grew up were a part of my life and it was a real shame to see all the new pavement and fast cars with the drivers never looking up from their cell phones.
The second mistake we made was, we stopped sitting on the front porch. God forbid if our neighbor sees us. Front porch sitting was where all your family problems got worked out. It was where the old men gave the young men advice on how to live and to how to be a man. It was a place to still your first kiss. For me it was the gathering place after momma's home cooking and the men would sit around and talk about the weather and fishing. Today we put ourselves inside a small back yard with privacy fences six feet tall so we do not have to be friendly or see anybody.
The third mistake would have to be the separation of church and state. The wording should have been a little more clear so it could not be interpreted the way it is today. Taking God from our courts, our marriage and our schools has been the most destructive thing we have done. The Christians have tuned the other cheek way to often on this and let one voice out of hundreds dictate what we do and how we act. The ACLU only exists because we let it and we are to afraid of offending someone to make a stand.

I suppose I could keep on listing what I think we can point fingers at that caused all this. To blame one person is worthless and to blame a certain group of people would only be hypocritical. I blame myself for not standing up when I should have and not doing everything possible to help my way of thinking.

I know I am not saying anything you already don't know but the question is, how do we fix it? As luck would have it I have the answer. Are you ready for this? We need more Rednecks and dirt roads. That's that plain and simple.


  1. Well said. In the end we have no one to blame but ourselves. My hubby and I have racked up our fair share of debt with very little to show for all that we have now burdened ourselves with. Credit cards are now gone and we are just trying to find a way to cut back as little to as little as possible while getting back to a money up front policy.As far as the redneck thing goes...definitely(our entertainment system was cut in half using a chainsaw so we could mount the t.v. on the wall..does that count?). Dirt roads are easier and cheaper to maintain, ours was paved over a few years back people fly down it with several accidents already. People around the world blame the U.S for the economic problems but it all comes down to everyone over spent...every country. Instead of people helping one another now they would rather bare fists or cry to the government...there is the lack of morals. Love your blog by the way.

  2. Can't add anything but AMEN REDNECK! There is no easy fix, to fix it will require hard work, sacrifice, commitment and as you so elequently stated, getting back our redneck ways and dirt roads.

  3. Wonderful post Redneck! I couldnt agree more with everything you said.

  4. Wake Forest University recently published a short, objective Q&A primer on the current law of separation of church and state–as applied by the courts rather than as caricatured in the blogosphere. I commend it to you.

  5. Great post! I'm lucky in that I still have a dirt road. My porch hasn't been built yet. lol