Friday, March 4, 2011


There was a time that if something new as far as technology was concerned came out on the market, I was one of the first in line to get it. Cell phones, game systems, computers, TVs and on and on, it did not matter. I could speak gigabytes and megabytes to almost everyone and know what I was talking about.   

Technology fascinated me ever since I saw my very first cell phone. It was around 1981 or 1982 and I was in this car and asked the guy what this big block looking thing was on his floorboard. He told me it was a new thing they are calling a cellular mobile phone. I asked what it does and he said it is just like your home phone but it is in a car. I remember sitting up and looking through the back glass trying to find the phone cord he was dragging and I thought to myself "He must have a lot of that cord".
Years later It was almost as bad when a friend of mine told me about this thing you can go on with your computer and look up anything from all over the world. I asked him why would I want to do that and all he could say was "why not". He explained to me that this was what they were calling the information highway and I had to get it so we could talk back and forth. I told him that we were already doing that.
I remember the first time I logged on using my phone line. Yes it was slower than Christmas but I was up with the times.

Saying all this, for the past few years I have slid backwards. I have not ran out and bought the newest and greatest items just because I had to have them. As a matter of fact when I saw how all my kids and the wife were slaves to their phones and would shower with it if they could I decided I was not even going to have one of those stupid things anymore either, so I didn't. For over a year I was phoneless. You could not call me, text me, send me funny pics or smiley faces, find me by way of GPS or nothing, I was invisible. It did make several people mad because I was not at everyone's beckon call but they got over it. When someone would ask me for my cell number and I said I did not have one you would have thought the Pope died or something.

To get on with the story, Our cell phone plan came up for renewal this week and I decided I had made my point that I am not a slave to technology anymore so I got me a phone. It was the funnest thing, the sales guy I bet thought I just crawled out of a cave or something because I had no idea what he was talking about. I did not know what a "G" was when he ask if I wanted 3 or 4. I didn't know the difference between a "I" phone and a EVO. I told him I might not know what you are talking about but do you know the difference between a Speckled Sussex and a Buff Brahma.(Yea, he scratched his head on that one) Only a couple of years out and I am a Technology Dinosaur.
Needless to say, I now have a phone I do not know how to use. The buttons on the screen are so small that I miss dial every time I try and when I want to send a text, it spells words that I don't want to use. It does have a flashlight on it though so at least I can use it when I lock up the chickens.                 


  1. My cell phone is through my work or I wouldn't have one either! I have a 3G iPhone and have no idea what that means and I don't care to learn.
    I am however, addicted to blogging. So I gotta have my internet! :)

  2. My hubby and I have tracphones and the older models at that. We dont use them much at all. I was thinking of getting rid of mine since I'm at home all the time anyway. Everyone does look at you funny when you say you dont have one. Maybe they think we dont want to give out our number...:)

  3. You are tooooo funny!!!! I've locked up my chickens with mine too. lol

  4. I guess we would be considered ameba then hehe because we don't know the first thing about the new phones not to mention texting or sending anything with our phones so keep plugging along you are young enough to learn but then there are still people who would like to hear your voice rather then get a text from you may seem old fashioned but voice was invented first and has been used for eons

  5. by the way we got a frost this morning and below 32

  6. Yup I was wrong about the last frost. So now maybe this one is the last frost. I can keep wishing every time I guess and I will get it right one day.
    Thank yall for the comments and thank you Anonymous for calling me young.