Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rabbit Crazy

Rabbit showing is back in full swing again.
Last year was our first attempt at showing these furry little things and even though we did not do as well as I thought we would, we did learned a lot. To be honest, I don't know what I was expecting last year. I guess I thought we would just walk right in and win every time. I don't think that was to unreasonable. 
Well as it turned out we had our butts handed to us. Not this year though. I have high hopes to extend the legs on some of them making their pedagrees even better.

This year we added five rabbits that were just babies and to small to show last year bringing the total to nine show quality bunnys.

This weekend is the local FFA show. This little show will help determine which rabbits are good enough for the rest of the year, plus the County Youth Fair is just around the corner and that one is going to be a good one as well.
We already know two of the rabbits we are taking this weekend will not make it at County but what the heck, the more the better right. Being that County is not sanctioned and does not count on the papers, we might just take them anyhow. If not anything just to try and sell.


  1. Too cute...what breed do you raise?

  2. Thanks for the "cute" Coley. The youngest daughter raises Mini Rex. When she took over that side of the business she did not like the Flemish Giants we had and wanted that breed.
    Thanks for the comment.