Sunday, March 27, 2011



There is nothing better than checking a major project off the list. Yesterday I helped stimulate the economy by getting all the fencing materials to fence off the whole place. My main goal for the day was get back in time to at least get the t-posts in the ground and maybe next weekend finish the fence.
We were running about an hour behind schedule when we got back home, but the good thing was the youngest had not shown at the local FFA show yet so I was able to run up to the AG barn and watch her before I got busy on the fence job. She ended up getting First, Second and Third. The funny thing is, the Second and Third place rabbits are the ones I was worried about and thought would be DQed. Next weekend is the County Youth Show. A lot more entries we be there so this will be the first real challenge of the season, but this one was a good start.
By the time we made it back home it was already 2:00pm so I figured not much would be done as far as fencing and I also knew all day tomorrow would be spent cooking for the youngest and her birthday party, but never the less we pushed on. My Dad brought over the tractor so we could drive the posts in quicker, the middle girl called her brand new boyfriend to come over and help, our friends D&R pitched in a helping pair of hands. We also had my niece and my Mom there and my youngest girl and wife dove right in and helped as well. It looked like a small army running string line, setting posts and wiring fence.
Let me tell you what my family and friends did. They all worked till dark to get this done. I got up this morning and looked out to see a completed fence all the way around the property. That is something right there. I cannot think them all enough for their help.    


 Ribs, Ribs, Ribs everywhere!!!
Wouldn't you know a cold front moved in overnight to bring the temps down to the mid 50s for the day with the added misty rain. A fantastic day for a BBQ.
The small fencing army that worked so hard yesterday and a few added friends were treated to a BBQ to die for. Who needs ideal weather to cook good food anyway?
Every cooker I had was full of food. Some was smoked with Hickory, some with Oak and some with Mesquite. Our friends D&R stayed last night after the fencing and helped with all the prep work so it wouldn't be so hectic to try and get everything together in the last minute. 
On the chicken we dry rubbed the legs and marinated the breasted overnight. On the ribs we also dry rubbed and let sit overnight. Before the night was over we had the potato salad done, the smoked salad cut up and ready and everything else we could do to make it easier for the next day.
Everything turned out better than expected is all I can say.

As far as the requested recipes, I asked my Mom how she did the Honey butter rolls and she said she would tell me but then she would have to kill me. LOL One day I will know. 

The Smoked Salad:
Yellow Squash, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onion, Mushrooms, Cabbage, Bell Pepper, Italian dressing, Butter, Liquid smoke, Tabasco Sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Garlic, Salt, Pepper. 
I have never measured any of these ingredients. You just put as much as you like to your taste. 
Put everything in a pan and mix it up. Put it on the smoker uncovered for about two hours at about 225. I usually stir it every 30 minutes to get the smoke on everything then cover until everything is tinder but not mushy.          
Depending on what wood you use is really the flavor. Mesquite gives it a twang, Hickory and oak gives it a deep flavor and peach or apple gives it a sweet flavor. A very simple way of having a explosive taste.

Everyone have a great week. Tomorrow I start my new job so there is no telling what could happen. That is why I used Cattle panels for all my fencing. Just in case I get fired and run out of money we might have to leave in the middle of night so I want to at least be able to take the fencing. 
That's funny right there. 


  1. Now that's what I call a fence raising! Can I borrow all of your friends and family for a weekend? I'm sure I can find some fence that needs mending. LOL! Good luck on the new job!

  2. Cattle panels are great don't have to stretch them!

    I bet your first day on the new job is great, Redneck. Can't wait to hear about it.

    : )

  3. Thank yall for the comments. I think I will ever stretch a wire fence again. This was to easy.