Sunday, March 6, 2011


The idea of taking a little time and spending it with the family down at the creek is getting addicting, maybe a little to addicting.

I'm not saying I didn't get done what chores that needed to get done like cleaning pens and that kind of stuff, I'm saying that when I am doing them, my mind is on that creek.
Maybe it's because of the good weather or it could be the fact we had a bad winter and was cooped up for over a month and the sunshine and nature is now calling me to the water.    

We all ended up bring some fish home to clean. I did not know we would get into them as good a we did and I dummied up and gave the first three away to another guy and I also threw one back that was just big enough to keep but I did not have a measuring tape with me at the time and did not want to chance it.
That is when the oldest girl ran back to the house and grabbed the little gas cooker and some hot dogs and yes, a measuring tape. 
I tell you this, a hot dog is just a hot dog, but when you cook it outdoors down by the creek while you are fishing, it is the best hot dog in the world.

As far as the Mini Farm goes, we have three incubators full and running. We had the worst hatch yet at the end of last month. I was to embarrassed to even post about it. Five chicks hatched out of forty two eggs. It was not even worth the electricity to hatch them. I just gave them to my dad so I did not waste any more money for the heat lamp on five chicks. Hopefully these will be better. 
The fencing project and the rabbit room has been postponed till after the 18th of this month so nothing but regular maintenance and chores is being done right now.

I did get a good deal on a 6'x300' roll of chicken wire yesterday that a guy on Craig's list was selling that my dad let me know about. He ended up getting three rolls and I just got one. I plan to cut it half and put it all around the bottom of the fence to keep the little baby goats in. They can just walk right through the cattle panels I have for the fence as it is now.      

*We had a couple of new members join the MDR family this week so I want to welcome them with a big howdy and a even bigger thank you. If yall need anything just drop me a email or a comment. Thanks again for joining and being a part of the Modern Day Redneck Family.   


  1. Everyone needs some down time, looks like you enjoyed yourselves. What type of fish Bass( large or small mouth) or Perch?

    I can honestly say I hate fishing, unless the fish are biting really good! Mike and Dd love it, so I simply take a good book and read or take a hike and enjoy the scenery:o)

    Sorry about your hatch. We tried incubating eggs a couple of times and didn't fair to well. I think our problem was humidity( lack of and then to high) With our power issues( wind blows the power goes out*sigh) I don't dare try it here. PTL for good setting hens!

    Blessings for your day,

  2. Hey fishing is MY addiction! I say I could be happy with a fishing pole and a mud puddle. lol. An to me, nothing taste better than eating a balogna sandwich with fishworm fingers. lol

  3. The Crappie are running up in the creeks right now looking for a place to spawn so that is what we are catching.
    Thank yall for the comments and have a great day.