Sunday, March 13, 2011

It Will Catch Up To Me

The fishing group is getting bigger every weekend. We are now up to seven people and two dogs that get together and try our luck down at the creek.  
This morning it was to windy and overcast. Around 10:00 the sun finally came out and the fish did start to bite some, just not fast enough to keep that many people satisfied. We ended the morning with only two keepers.

The girls then spent a good part of the day over at Papaw's doing some target practicing while the wife and I ran down to our friends D&R's to help them on their fencing project.  Papaw stayed with them and he even taught the new girl how to shoot. 
I would not trade these girls for any bunch of boys. They are something.

The one problem with all this play and not much work is that it is going to catch up to me. I need to be getting with it on these projects but the money is not there just yet. Next weekend is when we plan to pull the trigger and get some projects rolling but I can say this, it has been fun being lazy this last couple of weeks.

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