Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walk The Line

How good of a friend are you?
What is the difference between a good friend, a best friend and a true friend?
What lengths would you go to for a friend?
When is enough, enough?
Do true friends walk that fine line?

These are the questions I had to ask myself these past couple of days. I have heard it said that a true friend would walk ten miles for you, at midnight and barefooted. I have also heard that a friend would bail you out of jail on a moments notice, but a true friend is the one sitting beside you in the jail cell saying "That was fun".

I had the rare opportunity this week to either be a friend or a true friend.
Here is the story,
The wife and I have a friend we went to school with years and years ago and she is one of the very few high school friends we still keep in touch with. It seems her oldest daughter who lived in Tennessee was being abused by her father and needed out. The mom (our friend) lives in a small apartment with her new family and did not have room for her so you guessed it, we got the phone call.
I have had other friends tell me I am dumb, just looking for trouble and can not believe we would even consider it.
I look at it this way, one day for one reason or another I might need to ask a true friend for some help they might not want to do or puts them out a little and I can only hope the people that call me a friend would step up to the plate.
The girl is here now and so far so good. She has been city raised and never been around animals so I can almost bet this will be fun.
The Lord put her here for a reason, now I have to find out what he is wanting me to do.      


  1. you have a big heart keep a towel on your shulder so she can cry on it if she needs to and arms open for a hug and your mind and heart open for Gods instructions on how to help her deal with what she has been through how old is she and feel sure that your true friends and your family will be there for you if need be all you have to do is ask

  2. Tell your other "true friends" to mind their business. LOL. What you do and how you see fit to live your life is your own business. You did the right thing, helping someone out of a dangerous situation. How could that every be "crazy"?

  3. Anonymous, She is 18 and I don't mind giving the advise but as far as the shoulder and hugs, the wife can do all that stuff.
    mandy, I have not had to put the "true" friends to the test yet and I hope I never will. I had one confess to me today that in the same situation they would have done the same thing. Like I said, so far so good. Tonight she did her new chores without even blinking an eye.
    Thank yall for the comments