Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Every new beginning comes with some fear no matter what it is. Monday I turned in my two week notice to my secured income. The job I am on is coming to an end and I was going to be transferred to a job 2 1/2 hours away. I had planned to stay there during the week and come home on the weekends but was not looking forward to it at all. Of course the wife was ok with it but the more I thought about it, the more I dreaded it.
Out of the blue another company heard about me some way or the other and called to give me a offer I could not turn down. I will be moved to another job but this job is just a little further than what I drive now and I will doing the same thing.
Even though it is a little more money and better insurance, starting a new job with a new company brings up some anxiety. As it is now, there is not a plan B so it has to work out.

Other news from MDR is, did you know that adding an extra mouth to feed will cost about $200 a month? I didn't.

The hatch rates are still unacceptable. We are just spinning our wheels and wasting electricty right now. We found the fan conversion kits for the still air incubators on ebay but the extra $200 a month for food has taken all the budgeted money for projects. So right now we are at a stand still on anything until something happens. What that something is I don't know yet but all we can do is wait for it.


  1. Hang in there. I bought a still air cheap incubator last year, and went ahead and bought the fan for it at the same time. It really does help. Also invest in a really good thermometer designed for will determine whether you get a decent hatch or not, and make sure the incubator is in a room where the air is pretty constant in temps. I lost dang near one whole hatch becuz I didn't do any of that. Once I got everything lined out I ended with 2 hatches of 75%...not bad for a cheap incubator.

  2. Congrats on the new job. Keeping my fingers crossed that it pans out.

  3. Good luck with the new job! I'm interested to see how the next batch of eggs progresses. I'm cheating and buying chicks.

  4. What good is it to have faith if you don't find yourself stepping out on it once in while? The new job may be a little farther than you drive now, but it sounds like it's way closer than you WOULD be driving if you had stayed with your current company.

    I had to chuckle when I read your surprise that an extra mouth costs $200/month. And that's probably only food ...there's extra water and utilities for laundry and showers. Yup, $200/month sounds like a conservative estimate.

    : )

  5. I'm glad you found another job. Or, should I say the job found you. I just can't see you leaving the farm.

  6. Coley, Like I have said before, I kick myself for selling my big incubators. These little cheap ones just are not going to do it, but the ones I had before are about $600 a piece. As soon as we get the money for the fans they will be installed.

    Denise, Thanks for the fingers. It does not have a choice but to work out.

    Izzy, This next batch and the one after that will probably be the same until I can afford the fan conversion for these little incubators. Thanks for the good luck.

    WWRWH, Faith is what gets me out of bed in the mornings but when you are the only source of income for a now family of six, faith cannot keep my butterflies down.
    Yes you are right. The $200 is on the low end of just the food. I new it would cost a little extra but I also thought she would be getting a job so she could help out. I am not going to charge her rent, I just want a little food money and gas money for running her around. Her momma does not want to help at all. Maybe I am asking too much. Maybe I should just lay in the bed I made for myself and just except it. ^0^

    SFG, Taking this new job makes it where I can stay here during the week. I have to much invested in this place now to leave. Even if I were to get transfered out of state, the girls and the wife would stay here until they all finish school. I just do not want disrupt their lives while they are in the last years of High school.

    Thank yall for all the comments and sorry mine is so late. These long days can work a man to death if he lets it. I think that is why I am playing more on the weekends. I am just tired of working so much right now. It will click and then It will be nothing but blood, sweat and tears. I hope!