Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

The kids are off this week for Spring break and the wife's hair is already starting to fall out. With our new daughter we took in to raise the house has five women in it. I just wish my man cave was build. The problem with that is, the wife would take that over too.
The one good thing about Spring break around our house is that even the girls get tired of doing nothing and they take it apon themselves to go out and clean pens without even telling them. Take last night for instance, the youngest made a list of everything she wanted to do and asked me to ok it. I read the list and was amazed at what she put down. Things like staining the front and back porches, painting the little chicken pens, cleaning the spot for the rabbit room in the big barn and so on. Next, the middle girl came up to me and asked what she could do during the break because she did not want to be in the house. Wow! Who needs boys when you got a house full of girls that can work any boy under the table?

Yesterday was catch up day. All the playing we have been doing has caught up to us on the regular chores. So yesterday was spent doing just that, catching up on the things that we decided could wait and
just go fishing. All and all it was a good day.

Yall have a good now.  

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  1. You hit the daughter jackpot, Redneck. Keep 'em busy!

    : )