Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wood Scavengers

Me and my buddy Dave played wood scavengers this morning and actually found some. I honestly did not think we were really going out to find wood and just figured this little outing was just an excuse to get out of the house but guess what, right out in the middle of nowhere and being the only tree in site, there it was. We hooked it up the truck, drug it out of the ditch and loaded it up.
While I was at the house warming up, Dave played Ax Man and went to work. It's not much, but it is another day of warmth.   

Let me tell yall something, this is amazing. There is this lady that found us on Craig's List and now has become a serious Modern Day Redneck blog reader and she has been in contact with the wife now for a couple of days through texting. She read that we were having some animal problems with the cold weather and called her friends and started a prayer chain for all the animals at the Mini Farm. Tell me that ain't something right there.
Thanks to V & B and the prayer chain members. Just to let you know, it worked. 

If you were still wondering, the baby goat Lucy is doing great now. It was touch and go last night for a while but once she got some warm milk and electrolytes down her and slept for a while, she is now bouncing around just like before and ready for warmer weather.
The missing chickens on the other hand are still missing. I don't have a clue as to where they could have gone. I will just have to wait and see and hope for the best.     

I have not had the chance to give out a welcome to the new members of the Modern Day Redneck family. This last week we had five new people join the family. That is fantastic! So here's your welcome and a big howdy.
Thanks for becoming a part of this adventure the wife and I have decided to take and I hope you find it funny, sad, helpful and sometimes beneficial. If yall need anything or just want to harass me, drop me a comment or send a email. Thank you again.    


  1. That's great about the wood you scavenged up and the prayer chain for the mini-farm critters. Yeoldfurt let our chickens about about noon yesterday ...they went charging up the hill as usual, paused for a second and charged back down the hill and back into the coop. He said they looked at him sideways the way chickens always do, as if to say, 'It's COLD out there! We're staying by the heat lamp, thank you very much!'

    Their water was frozen today, but we carry them pans of water twice a day and they seem fine. Our water is frozen too running water in the house. Good thing we're preppers and have a boatload of 1-gallon water containers stored up.

    Stay warm!

  2. Yay! So glad to hear about the wood. I was praying for you this morning! Have a great evening and stay warm :)

  3. WWRWH, I just got the image of the chickens. Thats funny. I hope your water issue gets resolved this weekend.
    Red Woman, I can tell you this, the wife and I have never had so much support from people till I started this blog. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.