Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Thunder Rolls

Tomorrow's weather is going to be nasty. The good thing is that there is no snow or freezing temperatures in the forecast and that makes me really happy.
We have big plans this weekend and if it only rains for a day then I am sure it will be dry enough this weekend to hit it hard again.

We spent the evening hours prepping for the storms by filling in the windows on the new goat barn to keep out the wind and rain giving the goats a nice place to hide. We also added new bedding to all the animals and picked up the feed bags off the ground so they don't get wet in case of a flood.
Everyone is fat and happy at the moment.

This weekend we are planning to get enough materials to finish all the fencing for the whole place. I decided to go with all cattle panels for the mobility and the ease of instillation.  I am tired of people walking across the back pasture and the coyotes circling the barn.
The goats are not going to know what to do with themselves with all that new green grass.

I am also getting a little antsy about what is happening with the prices of food and fuel. I started the Food storage project here about two months ago and we are nowhere near where I want to be as far as a crises situation goes. I was figuring on at least a year to get enough food to feel comfortable but this is getting bad and right now my paints are down around my ankles so to speak.
So if all goes well, Saturday night I was wanting to go ahead and pull the trigger on a Sam's run and speed up my food storage schedule by a couple of months. I hate to do it, but I also hate not too.        


  1. We are doing the same thing here. Heading for Costco to speed things up. The news is dire. I hate to listen to it and wish I had started prepping a year ago! We have a long ways to go too. Good luck on your Sam's run :)

  2. Thanks for the Luck RW but I am putting it off till sometime this week. Things just did not work out where we were able to go. I hope yours turns out good and you find some deals.