Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Great Melt Down

Tomorrow is the start of the great meltdown. It will be in the 40's and maybe, just maybe we will be able to find those chickens.
I guess these people really needed to get their hair done today.

Awww, the girls finally getting along and having a tea party.


  1. Hi! I just love your blog. I can't figure out how the heck I have missed it before now. Especially since we follow some of the same blogs! No worries though, I'm following you now and have added you to my blog roll.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    PS... Your breathing to loud!! LOL We are housebound too so I feel your "pain"....

  2. I hope you find those chickens and they are okay. We have added a chicken coop to our project list!

    Enjoy your weekend :)


  3. I'm glad the 'weather' is better for you indoors and out, Redneck. When you're the only guy living in a houseful of women, YOU don't have to be the one they're mad at to be feelin' the heat! Cabin Fever can be an ugly thing. LOL

  4. Scifichick, Thank you for joining the MDR family. I am glad you like it. If you need anything just let me know. I would be grateful if you spread the word and told others about the blog. Thank you again.

    Red Woman,Do you know what kind of chickens you plan to get? Good luck with the coop and I can't wait to see pics of it.

    WWRWH, Being there is another chance of snow tomorrow night, It really does not matter if school is closed or not, we are dropping them off at the front door of the school Monday morning.

    Thank yall for your comments and have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

  5. Since I work in a salon a couple days a week, I understand the tractor. Those crazy women will do ANYTHING to get their hair and nails done. Its amazing sometimes.

  6. That's funny. I think I could use a medi, pedi.
    Thanks for the comment