Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Lucy

Baby Lucy is gone. If you remember, Lucy was the last one of triplets that were born in November. She had to be pulled and I left her for dead only to see her gasp for breath a minuet or so later. The momma goat abandoned all three and we took all of them in the house to raise from the bottle. Out of the three she was the only one that made it past a couple of days. We knew she would not live more than a week or so but Lucy struggled on and surprised us.
In her short lifetime she has been abandoned, squished in the Lazy boy, set herself on fire from the heat lamps, cooked herself in front of the fire place and just recently almost froze to death, but she still managed to live through it all. She is like a cat with nine lives one of my girls said.
Being that she was inbreed and a little slow, we knew we would never be able to breed her or sell her. You could say she is a special needs goat if there is such a thing. Today we found that special someone that needs her more than we did. As a gift, we gave Lucy to a special little girl that will love her and care for her better than anyone could.  I know she will be spoiled rotten.
Even though Lucy is a goat and you are not supost to get attached to farm animals, Lucy was special. Now I'm not being soft here, I can eat any one of the chickens, rabbits or goats if it came down to it, but this little goat will be missed, how can it not be.
I wish the little girl and her family all the luck in raising her and I hope Lucy brings them as much joy as she brought us.

Also I wanted to say howdy to three new members of the Modern Day Redneck family.
Here's a big howdy and welcome to Vickie, mmpaints and scifichick. Just to let yall know, If yall need anything, have a question or just want to criticize please drop me a comment or an email, I will reply. Thank you for joining the MDR family.    


  1. Thanks for the welcome! Oh, do I know all about the goat "pet" thing. Lucky will prolly end up a life long member of the family (minus his working parts-less stink!)

  2. Good for you, Redneck. Good for Lucy and that little girl!

    Of course we get attached to them. We can be pragmatic when necessary, but in the meantime we wouldn't be human if we didn't have at least a little affection for all the critters.

    I wonder how come I don't show up on your Followers list? I've been following you for a long time and you're definitely on my Blog Roll. Sometimes blogger is a mystery...

  3. How wonderful you found a loving home for Lucy. I bet she'll be just like a member if their family.

    We get attached to our animals, even those designated for the freezer, but we also feel that what time they do live they absolutely want for NOTHING!

    Take care and know that Lucy is in good hands.

  4. Thank yall for commenting. I was hoping I did not sound to mushy or unmanly on this. I am glad to see everyone has a animal or two that they cannot do the very thing that they are intended for.

    WWRWH, I don't know either. Have you tried hitting the Follow button again. I just added this gadget a couple of days ago and hitting might make it work this time. Plus you might be following but in privet mode.

  5. When you started out saying Lucy was gone, I thought she had died! I was thinking,"Oh NO!!!!" Then I read more and realized what happened. I'm so happy for her. I think you will be able to make it too. lol

  6. SFG, See there, I knew someone was going to thank I was being a softy. :)

  7. What a darling story! :) Put a smile on my face even at this late hour when I should be sleeping. BUT I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog/your're good! And funny. :)