Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Missed One

I thought I had weathered the winter storms without any losses but I guess I missed one, about 2000 to be exact. I had one smaller tub of worms I was building up and never thought to put a heating pad under and they froze. I read somewhere worms can freeze for a short time but I guess two weeks was just a little to long.
The big tub has several thousand in it and was deep enough and the heat from the decomposing food kept it from freezing. They were not moving fast but at least they were moving.

 It finally dried up enough to get the bee hive set up. I plan to put some sugar water in it and douse the inside with coke and try to lure the bees in. I have read that it is close to impossible to attract a hive that way, but close is close enough for me to try. If not then I have to buy the bees and take the risk of seeing my $100.00 fly off into the sunset.   


  1. Our first hive came to us by a swarm in the summer! My Father in law was an Old Bee Man, so had some hive boxes we could lure them into. We have purchased our last hives, but I do see on Craig's List, that people post where they are looking for swarms to start a hive. Lots of people in town or around do not want the swarm and will call you, so you can get free bees!

  2. Jerry, there is a gentleman down in Hill Country that sells top bar nucs. Even better, they are ferrel bees that are indigenous to Texas.

    I have one nuc ordered with him and one package ordered from weavers. I plan on splitting one of the hives to a third top bar to give a total of three hives this year.

    The deal with the nuc, is you have to go and pick them up, no shipping those UPS. Let me know and I can email you the guys name and website.

  3. That sounds like a good little weekend outing. You bet, email me the contact info and I will give him a call. Thanks for contact.