Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Blast

The wife and I spent the late afternoon today getting ready for another winter blast. It should be here first thing in the morning so my work told me not to come in till Friday. We learned from a couple of things we did wrong last week and corrected them as best as we could, so lets see what happens. This should be the last big one.

These are my sweet potato shoots I started growing a month or so back. This will be my first time in planting them and really don't know how. I don't know if I am to cut a chunk from where the shoot attaches or just break it off and plant it.
Being it is my first time to mess with them I did not know how many to set in water because I did not want to have to many plants plus I did not know how many little shoots three starter potatoes would make. Heck I don't even know when is the right time to plant them. I guess they are about the same as a regular potato.
The good thing is, I will have plenty of time tomorrow to read all about them. 


  1. I think sweet potatoes would be the same as white potatoes. I think I read somewhere that sweet potatoes are not actually potatoes at all, but they are tubers so I would think it would be the same. Every eye can potentially produce a plant. Like you say, you'll have plenty of time to read up on it tomorrow!

    We LOVE sweet potatoes. I might try to grow some this year.

    : )

    ps It's me, Hoss Boss. I'm signed in but your blog is not recognizing me at the moment. I won't take it personal. LOL

  2. I tried sweet taters last summer and we just didn't have a hot nor long enough season to get anything. I'm going to try them again and see, if nothing I'll consider that a crop we simply can not grow ourselves.

    May have to work out a barter trade with someone who can grow them*wink* I do this with another friend in TX, we trade our apples for her oranges and lemons. Those P.O. fixed amount boxes are a blessing :o)

  3. Kelle, I will let you know how this first season goes and then if successful I would be willing to trade some stuff.

    Hoss Boss, I don't know what is going on with thing. It does not show some of the followers and sometimes it will not let me post pics. I don't know but thanks for the comment.