Sunday, February 27, 2011

It Wasn't In The Cards

I can plan all week long but when it comes right down to it if it aint in the cards, it aint going to happen.

This weekend the plans were to spend all day Saturday fencing, A Saturday night Sam's run to stock up on food and Sunday I was going to start on the new Rabbit house.
What actually happen was all day Saturday I spent helping family members out with plumbing problems, Saturday night at the softball fields and all day today is nothing but fishing and NASCAR.
Being that my birthday is tomorrow I decided to spend today doing what I wanted and fishing topped that list. Is that being to selfish?

The wife did get a chance to pick up the new 10 week old buck yesterday. I think she named him Buckley or something like that. 
Instead of Tattooing we have a system for naming that tells us what babies are from who. Take for instance, our first buck in named Abe. Abe breeds with Fannie and she has one doe and one buck. The baby buck would be named something like Art Fredric 11. The baby doe would be named Feiona Allen 11.
MMMM Typing it out makes it sound more complicated than just tattooing. I might want to rethink this name thing, lol.   

Two new members joined the MDR family this week so I want to welcome them with a big howdy. Thank yall for being part of the Modern Day Redneck phenomenon that is sweeping the nation and if yall need anything just let me know. Thanks again. 


  1. You know, some days are like that. And I think fishing and NASCAR is a great compromise!

    Happy Birthday MDR :)


  2. NO, it is not selfish to do what you want on your birthday! Giving up your intended project to help family members with a plumbing problem is also far from selfish. One thing about fencing's not a fleeting opportunity ...seems there's always a fencing project somewhere on the list.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Birthday tomorrow, Redneck!

    : )

  3. Hope you have a happy B-day! Enjoy yourself. Life is short.

  4. Thank yall for the birthday wishes and the happies. It did turn out to be a pretty good day.