Monday, February 14, 2011

Let The Games Begin

It was the start of the Girls Softball season tonight and we came out swinging. We won on a run rule in the third inning 15-0. The depressing thing is that I forgot to take the camera. Maybe I will remember it next week.
I know this blog is supost to be about country life and redneckism but I am proud of all three of my girls and I am not ashamed to let everyone know. If I had boys then it would be Friday night Football instead.    
I look at it this way, small town 2A sports is just about as country life as you can get.

It is getting late and I have to hit the hay so before I go I wanted to say "hey" and give a big MDR welcome to James, Jenise, tomstedham and Sista. Thank yall for joining the Modern Day Redneck family. If yall need anything or just want to criticize please feel free to leave a comment, I will respond.   
Thanks again for being a part of the MDR family.

Have a happy Valentines.


  1. Hey MDR, stumbled over here from Hoof n Barrel. Nice blog you've got going here.

    This post brings back some memories. I've got three daughters myself, and coached softball for more than a few years. Good times.

  2. All my girls are to old for me to coach now. I did when they were younger, like in U12 but their skill levels now are more than this old fat man can keep up with. We have Softball, Volleyball, Track, Cross Country, Basketball and the list goes on and on. They stay real busy.
    Thanks for checking the blog out and thanks for the comment. Next time your over this way just hit the follow button and become part of the MDR family.
    Thanks again for the comment.

  3. You ought to check out BR's blog too, Redneck. You won't be disappointed. You're both on my daily read list ...every day I can get to it, that is. I'm playin' catch up lately.

    : )

  4. Hey, the girls are part of your life. Your suppose to be proud of them. So I say, write MORE about them. hehehehehe

  5. Thank yall for commenting. I know they like reading what I write about them and it is, I guess, one of the ways I give them complements.

    WWRWH, I will check it out. I understand on the catch up part. I have not posted as much as I wanted to this week. With the good weather and the days starting to get longer, that means I stay outside more and by the time it is dark I need to shower and shave and go to bed.