Monday, February 21, 2011

All The Time In The World

Being that I got my weekly scheduled activities done yesterday, I now have all the time to do what ever comes to mind. Not often I can say that!
So saying that, I had the chance to get the taters in the tires while the moon was still good.  I can check that off the list now.

The wife also replanted some of the onions that got to burnt during the snow. I am sure they would have came back but I do not have the patience to wait and see.   

Another thing we did tonight was went and looked at another pygmy buck. I was conflicted on getting another buck or wether but when the buck separation pen is done there needs to be more than just one goat in there or it will go crazy.
The reason I am separating them is because I want to be able to breed the goats at certain times and not have a free for all going on out there and not knowing when they are due and with who.
Having another buck also allows me to be selective on what doe with what buck and get the colors I am wanting.
I know yall know all this, I'm just justifying buying the other buck to myself.
That's funny right there because it worked.   


  1. I agree with you on buying the other buck. There, does that help?. lol. So why have you picked pygmys? Meat, milk?

  2. SFG, I am not saying this is right but this is how I figure it...
    #1.Pygmys have the best milk as far as goat milk goes. It is heaver and makes better a soap.
    #2. They don't eat as much.
    #3. I can have more of them.
    #4. I can sell a Pygmy for $50.00 to $75.00 all day long. The market is not there for the high dollar goats as much.
    #5. This is a Mini Farm, lol
    Thank you for the comment.

  3. Hey MDR,
    Check out the kinder goat. I raised Kinders for years. They produce more milk than a pygmy and are great for meat. (If that is your thing)They are small, cute, and very friendly, and are capable of breeding any month you want so it is easier to space out your kidding time over the year. They are a cross of a Pygmy male and Nubian female (1st generation only)and then Kinder with Kinder after that. You can google Pat Showalter who started this breed years ago and also the Kinder Goat Breeders association for more info. I highly recommend these little guys over the Pygmy.I even think there is a breeder in Texas if I remember right.

  4. Thanks sista, I have never heard of them so I will look them up and do some reading on it.