Sunday, February 6, 2011

A While Back

 Remember a while back, I guess it was last month or so when we got those fancy geese? At that time the lady said to come back when she can figure out what accessories she wanted to get rid of and she would make us a package deal for it all. She finally called back and told us to come on out.    
We ended up with several cages ranging from huge to small, two new bug lights, a bunch of feeders and waters and six fans with one of them being a really nice metal one on a stand. We also hauled home several lights and rabbit stuff.  

 It would not be complete without a bunch of chickens in the truck so we ended up with a couple of Frizzle chickens, the rooster is named Bulldog 

and a bunch of miniature barred rocks. She then handed us a box that had four little Serama chicks in it.

This is the first time we had the Mini Barred Rocks so we will see how they do.  

All this stuff for 100 lbs of feed. She just needed the feed to keep her horses fed. Not a bad haul I don't think. She wants us to come back at the end of the month with a trailer to pick up some metal sheds that would make great small chicken, turkey or pig houses.

One other thing, if you were wondering we found the chickens that were lost and they are alive. They decided to burrow under the Tween pens to keep warm and stayed there all week long, amazing hu.


  1. Oh that's GREAT news about the missing chickens! Really surprising but great news!

    Good deal on the other stuff too. How many horses does the lady have? We go through 125 pounds of feed per week for our six ...about $20. Of course, her not having to buy feed for all the poultry will mean more money in her budget for horse feed. I hope it all works out well for both of you.

    : )

  2. WWRWH, I counted about fifteen big draft horses and three or four regular sized. Plus a bunch of sheep, a few pigs, Llamas and dogs. She runs a rescue service and said this time last year she had over 500 animals (including birds)
    So far it has worked out great for me. I have the chickens quarantined until I can make sure they are fine. I just don't want to take any chances.

  3. Congrats! I just love a good deal, even if it is someone elses.. :D

  4. Great news all around. Glad you found the chickens alive.