Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yet Again

I guess plans are made to be broken. Friday was 78 degrees with a slight wind. Saturday morning it started raining hard at about 3:00 AM and did not stop till late afternoon. Then the snow started about midnight and stopped when we had a good six inches knocking the internet out for the weekend. Starting tomorrow it is going to be a pleasant 65 to 70 degrees with full sun all week then rain again for next weekend. I am at a loss of words. I do not know what to say.

I was able to make a run with the family to a hardware/feed store called Atwoods yesterday. The closest one is 70 miles away. Even with the rain I did not want to sit in the house all weekend. The store reminded me of a lot larger Tractor Supply. The prices are better tho. It was everything I could do to pry the girls away from the bunnies and the chicks. If I wasn't such a Ogre, then I would have can home with three baby rabbits, six duck chicks and a few chickens.

I also took some wood and wire over to my buddy's wood shop last night and was able to make the three gates for the chicken pin. He was so excited he finally got some saw dust on the floor of his new shop. He called it production. I tell you one thing, I didn't care if it was delivered or not, It was warm and dry. It sure beat the heck out of anything I have right now. After we were done and a few beers later we named the shop, but I don't think it will stick. As it stands right now, it is called "The Sacs"

My camera batteries are dead so I can not give you any pictures of the snow, the rain or even the mud. If you have to have a visual then just go back in this blog to almost every weekend for the past three months and look at those pictures and you will see the same thing.

Stick with me, I promise it will get better......


  1. I just wanted to say I really love your blog. Thanks for updating even though the weather there is all sorts of crazy and things aren't going according to plan.

  2. Hey MDR__ Cold here too! I stuck some photos on my blog of the back yard. Cant believe it's spring! To cold to even slipp out in the garage and work on my Boy's CBG. I snuck the neck in and installed some fret wire. Letting it cure here in the house.

    You need to stick a photo of them chicks on here. I'd like to see them before they get there color feathers. Unless they have color now. Still like to see. By the way, your barn is looking good.

    Be safe and stay warm. ___ TIGGER!!

  3. Thanks Anonymous like I said It will get better.

    Tigger, the chicks will be hatching this week. The lady called today and said there will not be as many as planned but that is a good thing for me. I saw your photos and the CBG looks great.