Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nuttin Much

Sorry for the non posting. With the daylight savings and my work picking up, I have not been home till late every night this week. I have had just enough time to shower and go to bed. If this continues then I might just drop back to posting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It looks like I might be off work for the weekend, but they said it is going to rain on Saturday. That figures. I stopped by the hardware store on my way home tonight and grabbed a roll of welded wire for the chicken pin. Tomorrow I plan to stop by and get some of the siding for the mini barn and get as much done as possible before the rain hits on Saturday.
Plans are still on for making a run down to the farm on Sunday for the out house. My brother scored me a overflowing pickup load of 2x4's ranging from eight to twelve feet long I need to grab while I am down. The wood couldn't have come at a better time, there's the fence right there.

No pictures today. It's been to dark to take any when I get home.

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