Sunday, March 14, 2010

That Time Already?????

Unfortunately when there is rain, there is grass and unfortunately it has to be cut. I can not believe we went from snow to mowing within the same month, only in Texas right? That is the plan for next weekend. De-winterize all the mowing equipment and get the season started.
I find it funny that during the hot triple digit summer days we pray for a nice cool rain and the winter chill cannot get here quick enough, but during the cold cloudy winter months we pray for sunshine and the summer warmth. If I ever could find the spot where it rained once a month and stayed 70 degrees year around, I think I would pack up and move tomorrow.

On a very positive note, Today turned out to be the best weather day in at least four months. A light to medium North wind, sunny and 75 degrees. For the first time this year we were able to use the solar cloths dryer and the cloths actually dried without freezing. What a deal!
We even had some family visitors stop by and check on us and chit-chat for a while. It's always good to see the kinfolk. Finishing the day off our good friends down the street brought over some hamburger meat and fixens and I fired up the grill. Now I don't care what you say, that's livin.

As far as work goes, I was able to reconstruct the back wall of the animal barn and frame in a new door so we can incorporate the mini chickens into the overall design. I also started installing the ventilation system to keep the rabbits and chickens cooled for the summer.
I took some time and cleaned and leveled as much as I could of the yard so I will not get any unwelcome surprises during mowing next weekend. I had scrap wood piles, re-bar and fence post piles laying every where.

Speaking of next weekend, I am making a run down to the old farm next Sunday. While I was there last weekend getting the bathtubs for the worm beds, I spotted a few things I left and had forgotten about. I plan on getting the old outhouse structure. It is solid and still in real good shape. With a little rework on the floor (removing the sitting area) I plan to have it store garden tools and be the battery bank house for the wind turbines. Yes it is that big. I actually thought about making it a two holer when I built it but then thought, I am really not that close to my family and friends to sit side by side with them in an outhouse.

We are almost half way to completion of phase one of the mini farm. The thing is, there are five phases and they get bigger and bigger as it goes along. Yup, this is going to take a while....

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