Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little At A Time

I got home before dark today and as soon as I walked in I was greeted with a smile and "Scene your home early could you......". In through the front door and out through the back I went.

My dad and wife chopped down some bamboo that was growing wild right down the road and I used it to make the roost in the chicken coop.

I also installed the chicken door.

I left for a short time to run down the road and get some prices from a lady that makes her living driving a dump truck. I was looking for some select fill to put in the bottom of the mini barn and Just so happens, she was loaded and asked if I wanted it right now.
I got her as close to the barn as I could and told her to dump it. She dumped out twelve yards of screened cushion sand.
Sand is not exactly what I was needing but she honored the price of the select fill and so I got a good deal. I am worried about sand flees now so that means I'm going to have to 7-Dust more often I guess, but I got a deal, right?


  1. She's comming right along. Have you got your chicks yet? Do you think if you stuck a 5 gallon bucket in the truck and brought home a bucket of dirt here and there you could blend it with the sand. It might make a pretty good mix. Bucket here bucket there, next thing you know you got what you need. Just a bucket at a time.

  2. NO the hatchery called and said all the chicks died so now the wife is going to order the eggs and hatch them herself.
    The dirt idea is a good one, I might act on it.
    Thanks for the comment.