Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting Close

If it wasn't for the 40 to 50 mile and hour winds, yesterday was a great day. With the wind blowing that hard, everything is harder to do. Just walking takes so much more energy.
The wife and I muscled through it for much of the day and finished the fence for the chicken pin. All that is left to do on the fence is to stain and weather treat it. That is something the girls can do after school this week.
I have decided to skin the barn with planks rather than siding. It will give the look I am after plus the cost is about the same. Tuesday I plan on getting the planks and putting them on next weekend. Just maybe we will get the chickens over here Sunday.

Tired of fighting the wind, we decided to take some scrap wood down to my buddy's wood shop (The Sac) and work on a indoor project. I made a six hole nest box for the new chicken coop. Now to make a little roost, a door, hang the feeders and the coop area will be complete.

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