Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wouldn't You Know It

Look what hit the ground right when a huge storm blew in last night, two little does. We were able to herd them in the goat shelter just when the bottom fell out of the sky. The momma so far is a good one. They are up nursing and running beside her just like nature intended.

Lucy is the last one left of the three we brought in the house the other night. The two that died were just to weak and there was nothing we could do. They named her Lucy because her ears are a little deformed and look like horns. Lucy, Lucifer Get it? The good news is that she is going strong and eating real good.


  1. Oh my!!! What cuties!!!! I could just squeeze them to pieces. lol

  2. The dogs thank it's a stuffed toy and it sqeaks too so that does not help.