Saturday, November 27, 2010

Better Than Nothing

It was only a half day of work today due to it being our turn to cook and host card night. As you can tell in the pic I was really tearing it up out there.
There is something about nice weather and cooking outside that will put me right out. Now that is what I call relaxing.

But, the first half of the day was productive. For the fourth time, I rebuilt the rabbit barn. Everyone has a new home now and seems happy at the moment.
After that I built on the little chicken breeder pen until I ran out of materials. I need the plywood to finish the little roosting area and I ran out of staples so I can not finish the fencing. So another project sits undone.
My buddy Dave told me the other day he has held off his building until he studies me for a little while longer. He said watching me build then expand and then expand again has shown him to plan and build big. I understand that thought but when I started building I had it all planned out too. It's just my plan is an always evolving plan and what works and is planned for today is not necessarily how it ends up a month from now.
Yes, I do agree that if I had to start over I would have planned bigger. But you know as well as I do even the bigger barns just mean you can hold more animals and then before long it becomes too small as well.

I am going to play tomorrow by ear and just see what happens.


  1. Your buddy, Dave, will learn that lesson too. He will plan big because he has watched you build, then rebuild to expand. He will quickly fill up his 'big' barn/project and be rebuilding to expand as well. Then he will think back on the time he wasted before he got started. LOL

  2. We came to our place with a barn and outbuildings on it, but we've moved and added to 99% of these and still need to build yet another barn, for our future bull.
    As you said;you know as well as I do even the bigger barns just mean you can hold more animals and then before long it becomes too small as well. Isn't that the TRUTH. Kind of like incomes, you adjust to whatever it is you have, if it be a small income, you make due if it is a large income you tend to be frivilous and wasteful.


  3. WWRWH, That is what I keep telling him. He him,halls around about this and that and I just tell him to just get started. Getting started is the single hardest thing to do.

    Kelle, Am I right by saying, If we did not have anything to build then were not growing?
    Of course money is always an excuse not to start and is an issue during and after all projects.
    I look at it this way, if I would have waited for financial security to have children, then I would not be a dad right now.
    The same goes for this little thing I am calling the Mini Farm.
    My buddy Dave is a long term planner and I'm a gitter done now guy. I think that is why we are such good friends. I get him pumped up on things and make him go against his hesitations and he in turn will slow me down on stuff and make me think about it before I do it. All and all it is a good match for friendship or really now it's past that and is more a brotherhood.