Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dark Thirthy

With the time change it is real hard for me to get much done. I know I said it once already but I forget each year just how hard it is when it is dark when I get home and I still have a couple of three hours before bedtime every night and just knowing I need to be doing something.

I still need to get everything ready for the neighborhood fish fry this weekend. I am trying to get three fish cookers together but I can only find two at the moment.
One good thing about this gathering is that many people are bringing stuff like paper plates, cups and other odds and ends so we don't have to fit the bill for the whole thing.
We ended up deciding to have it in the front yard instead of the back because I don't want everyone walking around and leaving the gates open and knowing what I got. Call me paranoid but I say I'm just being cautious.
I still don't know what to expect with all these people and now they are calling for rain, so maybe we will luck out.

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