Saturday, November 13, 2010

Figh Fry Day

The much worried about First Annual Neighborhood Fish Fry has come and gone.

Yup that's right, this morning at 8:00 AM is was in the low fortes with a strong North wind and it felt like it was thirty. Water was still standing in the area where we planned for the event to be so we made the call and just said to heck with it.
Most of the people we called were glad we canceled so I do not feel to bad.
I call this, dodging a bullet.

Instead, we loaded up and went to heritage days in a little ole town about 40 miles south of here. I found it to be a joke with all the city people walking around in brand new Wranglers, a new Stetson beaver and paying $5.00 a person to pet a chicken. I'm in the wrong business. They can come pet my chickens and I will only charge them $3.00

All and all it turned out to be a nice day. About 1:00 PM the sun came out and the temp rose to 60. It would have been a beautiful day for a fish fry.


  1. By the way. I am not the one who spelled canceled wrong on this sign. The neighbor lady had it right the first time but her husband told her it had two L's in it so she did it. As you know, I can't spell anyway so I stayed out of it.

  2. Whew ...that was a close one, Redneck! I'm glad you're glad you dodged the bullet.

    Hey, if you can get $3 for petting a chicken, just think what you could get for petting the goose ... or the goats! Don't you have bunnies too now? Maybe we're all in the wrong business.

    : )

  3. PS Actually both your neighbor AND her husband spelled the word correctly. In the US, 'canceled' is the accepted spelling but in Britain, it would be 'cancelled' ...since English speakers came to this country from Britain, the British spelling was the only spelling for a long time. Modern dictionaries will list both spellings but they list 'canceled' first. The first spelling of a word in the dictionary is always the currently accepted spelling.

    BTW, the original root of the word meant to make lattice, as in criss-cross, as in crossing out something written. I know. Sometimes I spew too MUCH information. But it's in my HEAD and I need to let it out!! LOL

  4. Wow! That is good info WWRWH. Like I said, I ain't no grammar expert. LOL
    I figured this, Given the area we are in she could have wrote, "Ain't near no food today and ain't gunna be none tomorrow either, so go home"

  5. Ha!

    Now THAT would have been a redneck sign!


    Did I ever tell you about our plywood driveway? Lasted for four years, it did. Hahahahaha!!